Please Don't Try The 'Breatharian' Diet, Because Food Is Good

File this under "nope, nope nope". An Instagram influencer is under fire for promoting an incredibly unhealthy "diet" called "breatharianism".  What is breatharianism? Well, it's the belief that humans can live off just air and sunlight (spoiler alert- they can't).

Ultimately the idea is that somehow this is somehow rejeuvenating or cleansing. However, the truth is that people need to eat to live. Survival itself depends on food and water.

The Instagrammer is named Audra Bear, and claims that she lives off fluids like water and tea, along with some"celebratory" food. Additionally, she drinks smoothies, which are basically liquefied food (and likely what is keeping her alive).

She claims that she gets her energy from a combination of breathing rituals and being outside in nature. She claims that she has been doing this for 8 months. However the worst part is that she is advocating this lifestyle on her Instagram page for her over 13k followers.

It's understandable to want to incorporate breathing and sunlight and nature into your life for the benefit of your health. But seriously, people need to eat food too. Nutrition is important for survival and for the proper functioning of your system and organs. There is no way that forgoing food for simply air is a beneficial health choice.

She claims to be feeling better and healthier than ever, however it's unlikely that this isn't causing some damage. Luckily she is drinking smoothies and eating occasionally, since humans tend to die after about a week without food.

It's possible to try and improve your health with nature and breathing exercises. However, it's incredibly important to recognize the importance of giving your body the proper nourishment that it needs. If you or someone you know is seeing posts from Instagram giving health advice, it's also important to look at the source and their motivations. Before engaging in any drastic lifestyle change you should talk to your doctor.

But the most important thing, and I cannot stress this enough, is to make sure you are eating food. No diet or health fad is worth sacrificing your health and your wellness in such a misguided and extreme way.

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