The Best Ways to Prevent Holiday Meltdowns

The fun of the holidays comes at a price. As moms, the holidays go round because of us but it can be a lot to take in and handle in only two months' time. If we as parents get stressed, so can our kids. The change in routine can really throw them off and bring on some holiday troubles. This means meltdowns holiday style.

It can be a hectic couple of weeks for everyone, kids especially. The only thing that will save you is being prepared. Expect holiday issues and prevent tantrums and fits with these helpful tips.

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Pack A Boredom Kit

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Do you know what kids hate? Being dragged around to boring parties and events all holiday season. Even the most well-behaved children have a limit on how well they can behave at an event that may not be specifically catered to them. Come prepared with a bag full of snacks you know they will eat as well as activities and toys. Coloring books, small puzzles, and books are great. But sometimes a tablet may be needed too. No judgment here! Just make sure it's fully charged.

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Know Your Children

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Just like adults, some kids are extroverted and others introverted. Don't run your child into the ground if they need a break during a day. Parties can be emotionally exhausting for those of us who aren't exactly fond of people. Don't push a kiddo who may be less social into too many situations. Give them a chance to decompress. On the other hand, if you have a social butterfly, keep them as busy as you would like.

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Don't Forget The Basics

With a schedule change, kids can really act out. Keep your kids on a schedule as much as possible. It's Christmas break but kids truly thrive on structure. Ensure their basic needs are still being met during this fun time of year. Meaning makes sure they're fed and rested, and still having enough time to be kids and work on any school work or reading during their break.

This one does sound silly, but you'd be surprised how often I've forgotten to keep my kids fed regularly during busy days when we're out and about. By the time I remember they need food, it's too late.

Practice Self-Care

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Let's not forget who is the most stressed out during the holidays: you! Whatever you do, don't forget about yourself. The kids are home and ready to veg out. Indulge a bit yourself too. Nap like no one is watching. Sleep in and serve donuts for breakfast. Have dad, your partner, or whoever, take the little hooligans as you wander aimlessly through Target or get a massage. Or do whatever the heck you want. You're the mom and make all the rules.

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Keep Your Expectations Low

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No matter what kids will be kids. They don't care you want the perfect picture. They don't want to expand their palates at a Christmas feast. They just want to rip open toys, see Santa, make cookies and play. Lower what you expect of them They will not always be well behaved or want to cooperate. The more you expect possible bad behavior, the easier it will be to deal with it.

Good luck out there mamas! May your holidays be restful, relaxing, and fun. Remember that the holidays are tiring for everyone and don't get too caught up in the "perfect" holiday. Your kids won't remember the parties but they'll remember the lazy days spent watching Christmas movies and how you made them feel.

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