The Babymoon: 20 Beautiful Destinations For Couples Who Are Expecting

These days, the babymoon is becoming a new trend, and most expecting mothers are very much on board with it. Just like the honeymoon for newlyweds, the babymoon is the time when mamas-to-be can pamper themselves. It's the time when they can relax and restore their energy levels before giving birth to their long-awaited child. And, of course, it's the time they can spend alone with their significant other without having to look after their newborn baby.

So it's easy to understand why babymoons are all the rage! They offer plenty of opportunities for pregnant women to get some rest before the baby comes and give them wonderful memories of their pregnancy.

Since it's going to be the last kid-free vacation in years, most expecting mothers want to make it one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. Many hotels all over the world offer babymoon packages to their guests, so it's possible to choose from a wide range of options. Pregnant couples can either travel across the United States or go to any other country. They may visit a place with numerous hiking opportunities, or they can go somewhere to just relax and swim in the sea.

But whatever place they choose, expecting mothers should be mindful of their safety. Follow the doctor's recommendations, be careful, use sunscreen, stay hydrated, have a list of emergency contacts, and don't do anything risky!

Ready to travel somewhere baby-free for one last time? Then go ahead and check out the list of wonderful babymoon destinations for all sorts of parents-to-be!

20 Stowe, Vermont

Vermont offers a number of places that are perfect for a babymoon. There are plenty of quaint, peaceful towns with beautiful mountain views, and riverside attractions to choose from. One of the best places to visit during pregnancy is Stowe, especially if the future mommy plans her vacation for winter months.

No other place is cozier in winter than Stowe! It's known for its heavy snowfalls, and what can be more romantic than a hand-in-hand walk in the snow? Besides, who doesn't like cozy evenings near the fireplace when it's snowing outside?

Stowe is also worth visiting in any other season, as well. Just look at the picturesque scenery in the photo above. Isn't it wonderful?

19 Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Amalfi Coast in Italy will allow any pregnant woman to have unforgettable time full with the sun, sea, and splendid views. This area has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. Numerous hotels located close to the coast offer a number of babymoon packages and interesting ideas for parents-to-be to spend their time.

For women who are looking for some serious relaxation, pampering, and romance, Amalfi Coast is one of the few places that combine all these three elements. Besides, the sea of Amalfi Coast is inimitable in its beauty. Just gazing at it for a few days in a row will become the best experience for anyone, especially a mother-to-be who's getting ready to give birth.

18 Ojai, California

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Looking for a wide range of activities, spa treatments, good food, and magnificent views? Then look no further and just go to Ojai, California!

Even though Ojai is a small town, it offers a lot of things to its visitors. There are multiple hotels, spas, and resorts for any taste and budget. Spiritual seekers can find nice retreats there and organic food lovers will see a great selection of delicious restaurants that use local products on their menu. The range of activities to do include hiking, biking, swimming, walking, as well as playing tennis and golf.

Any pregnant woman who'd like to have a quiet, relaxing, and rejuvenating babymoon should certainly come to Ojai!

17 Oaxaca, Mexico

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All future parents should realize that once the baby is born, everything will be different. For this reason, having a babymoon in a place where they can unplug from everything and everyone (while still staying safe) is a good decision. Oaxaca, Mexico is the destination that will help implement this plan!

Oaxaca offers a wide range of accommodations, and many of them do everything to help pregnant women have some privacy so they can relax completely. World-class service, sea-facing bungalows, pristine nature, sounds of waves, enchanting forests, delicious cuisine, and rejuvenating spa services... Can a pregnant woman find a better place to unplug, while keeping herself and her future baby safe?

16 New York City

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To the surprise of some people, New York City can also be a great destination for a babymoon. It all depends on what a pregnant woman is looking to do and what she wants from her vacation. What if relaxing in a spa by the sea isn't what she wants? What if she wants to do some shopping for her future baby, see a lot of attractions, and just have fun? Then New York is the place!

NYC has a wide range of things to offer to pregnant women. They can see a Broadway show, take a sightseeing cruise, or take a bus tour. But the ultimate reason to go to the Big Apple is, of course, shopping. There are plenty of shops where visitors can buy all kinds of goods for their pregnancy and their future babies. Believe me, it's impossible to find such a wide selection of goods anywhere else!

15 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Most pregnant women choose destinations for their babymoons based on their desire to have a restful time in preparation for those sleepless nights filled with breastfeeding, diaper changing, and crying. They just want to be pampered before they start pampering their babies. For this reason, the peaceful regions of Switzerland can become the perfect choice.

The Swiss Alps, peaceful Lake Geneva, magnificent views from any spot, comfortable hotels, and rejuvenating spa treatments - this is what you'll find in Lausanne at any season of the year. Don't forget to complement it all with sightseeing and city tours, and you'll get the ultimate babymoon experience you'll never forget!

14 Sedona, Arizona

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Women who are looking for an active, delicious, and peaceful babymoon should certainly consider visiting Sedona, Arizona. Expecting mothers will have a lot to do there, from having prenatal massages and spa treatments to hiking and seeing the splendid natural views of the area.

Go and see the sunrise over the Cathedral Rock, hike around the Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. Hiking in this area isn't too strenuous, so even expecting mothers will find it relatively easy to see the beautiful rock formations of Sedona.

Many hotels in Sedona offer nice babymoon packages and customized menus for expecting mothers, and they're certainly worth a look!

13 County Mayo, Ireland

Ireland is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and magnificent views. When you are there, sometimes it feels like you're in a fairy tale, because everything around you looks so wonderful. For this reason, a babymoon in Ireland is one of the best choices for expecting mothers.

Just imagine yourself vacationing in this beautiful place among the lush green meadows and magnificent hills of County Mayo. Numerous hotels located in the area offer a number of services to pregnant women that won't leave any visitor unsatisfied. Besides, there are plenty of things to do on your own or with your partner. You can go hiking, enjoy the scenery, or you can even play tennis or go cycling. Whatever you feel like doing will be enjoyable in this fantastic place.

12 Amelia Island, Florida

For anyone who wants to enjoy a nice seaside vacation before the baby comes, Amelia Island in Florida is the perfect option. Its calm waters, miles of pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife won't leave any expecting mother unhappy with her babymoon experience.

Besides, this location is perfect for couples, because there's a lot to do for both partners. While a pregnant woman is enjoying the sea and the white quartz sand that feels so good on swollen feet, her significant other can play golf during the day. And then, both of them may take romantic walks along the beach every morning or evening. If you don't have a seasickness, you can even take a slow kayak ride and enjoy the marvelous scenery from the sea.

11 Bermuda

Bermuda is an ultimate babymoon destination for the pregnant women who would like to have a splendid sea vacation, but don't want to spend their time among multiple tourists. In Bermuda, it's easy to find a number of secluded beaches, where expecting couples will be enjoying their baby-free time on their own.

Other advantages for spending a babymoon in Bermuda include its beautiful sites and landscapes, cozy accommodations offering babymoon packages, delicious traditional cuisine made of organic ingredients, multiple shopping opportunities, and, of course, indulgent spas that offer different prenatal treatments that will help you relax and restore your energy levels before the baby comes. Isn't it perfect?

10 Asheville, North Carolina

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North Carolina is a beautiful state and Asheville is one of the nicest cities there. It features the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the prettiest mountains in the country, as well as Swannanoa and French Broad Rivers.

Asheville also has a lot of man-made tourist attractions that women will enjoy visiting. Biltmore Estate and a number of different museums from those featuring antique cars to mystery museums will be interesting for the expecting mothers who are into arts and architecture. There are also a number of studios and workshops that teach to paint, work with fabric, ceramics, etc. And don't forget to visit at least one of the several music halls in the city to listen to some good music along with your unborn baby.

9 Venice, Italy

There are plenty of things to do while in Venice during a babymoon. The narrow streets and canals are the highlight of the city and you will certainly enjoy just walking around it and gazing at the beautiful architecture. Be sure to take a romantic gondola ride with your significant other, because otherwise, you can't even tell anyone that you've been to Venice!

Since it's Italy and good food is highly valued there, you will surely find great places to eat something delicious that satisfies those pregnancy cravings. And, of course, you can also find a number of spa centers in Venice, where you can boost your energy and prepare for the big day.

8 Maui, Hawaii

Babymoon in Maui, Hawaii can become the best vacation you've ever had. Just think about all the advantages of this trip. In Maui, you're going to swim in the sea with the most comfortable temperature ever. There are a lot of things to see there, but if you feel tired, you can just sit down somewhere and enjoy the scenery, because it's beautiful wherever you look!

Besides, Maui is also very romantic. You'll certainly enjoy spending your time there with your significant other, watching luaus dancing, strolling along the beach, and going to boat trips. Needless to say, there're also numerous spa options in Maui.

7 Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has a lot to offer to expecting mothers who'd like to have their last hurrah before the baby comes. There are a lot of tourist attractions and architectural sites to see, including Belem Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Food in Portugal is delicious, and beaches are beautiful.

The warm climate will make your vacation much easier (hey, it's not going to be the hot and humid tropics!). Besides, if you're in a mood, you can also go outside Lisbon and visit Lagos, a city located nearby. According to many tourists who have been there, it's one of the most picturesque places in the world. You'll certainly enjoy your stay there!

6 Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to spend your babymoon in a place that will offer good food, numerous cultural sites, and beautiful beaches, the Charleston, South Carolina, can become your choice.

According to the people who have been to Charleston, this city is the epitome of charm. You don't even have to plan anything to go there. Just go for a walk around the city, and it will be enough for you. Wherever you go, you will find something beautiful. Wherever you turn, you'll see lovely homes, pretty gardens, and marvelous views of the sea.

So if beauty, charm, and peace are what you're looking for, go visit Charleston!

5 Cyprus

A trip to the island of Cyprus can be the break-away you and your significant other needed before the birth of your child. You can find a lot of nice hotels that will offer babymoon packages. They often include spa treatments, special menus, and other perks designed specifically for expecting mothers.

And if you get tired of indulging yourself with massages and swimming, you can also go sightseeing. Cyprus has a lot to offer to tourists. You will find everything you need there, from nice architecture to beautiful historical sites, from restaurants that serve delicious food to secluded places where you and your SO can enjoy your alone time.

4 Sunriver, Oregon

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You might think that Sunriver, Oregon doesn't have anything to offer to pregnant women who are on a babymoon, but you're wrong! In fact, Oregon is one of the best places to spend your last baby-free vacation. It's peaceful and it's beautiful. While being there, you can do whatever you want. If you feel like staying in your room, you can just gaze at the view outside your window. If you want to have a walk, there are numerous hiking trails of varying difficulties. And if you want to pamper yourself, you may go to a spa  and get a full-service treatment!

Besides, what can be better than inhaling fresh mountain air while there's a baby growing inside of you?

3 Quebec, Canada

It might seem like Quebec isn't a very babymoon-y city, but for some expecting couples, it can be the perfect destination! If you just want to visit a nice place where you can enjoy spending time with your significant other without having to worry about itineraries, consider going to Quebec. In this city, you are free to choose what you want to do. If you want to just stroll around the streets, visit museums, or relax at a spa, you can do any of these things.

But the best part is that you can change your choice at any moment. Say, you wanted to go to a museum, but suddenly felt tired (which often happens to pregnant women), then you can easily go get a massage or just come back to your hotel room.

2 New England

Do you love small towns and would like to see a lot of them on your babymoon? Then your perfect choice is New England. This area is well-known for its lovely beach towns, such as Ogunquit, Maine. Go there to enjoy the marvelous views, take evening strolls along the beach with your significant other, take a canoe ride, and gaze at the rocky coastline.

New England is also a good babymoon destination for the couples who don't want to spend the entire vacation in one place. Instead, they can travel to several small towns and get the ultimate New England experience in just one trip. Isn't it awesome?

1 Seychelles

If you feel like visiting the chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, go to Seychelles. There you can enjoy the comfort and remoteness of the lush tropical forests, while still keeping yourself and your belly safe and sound.

People say that these islands are the ultimate paradise for a honeymoon, but we can also tell that it's a great place for a babymoon as well. See for yourself: at Seychelles, you can find serene rainforests, magnificent ocean views, and a number of activities to enjoy. Whether you want to have an active vacation, or just relax on the beach and pamper yourself with a prenatal massage, you can find it all at Seychelles!

So, have you chosen a destination for your babymoon?

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