Audible To Release The Baby-Sitters Club Series In Audio For The First Time Ever

the baby-sitters club

After the excitement of the news The Baby-Sitters Club was becoming a TV show again, interest in the series has come back. It's not surprising, because the books were so influential to an entire generation of girls. And now those girls are mothers with children on their own. While the books as a complete series are pretty much out of print, there are various forms of the first dozen or so books out there. And now, Audible is bringing the entire series to their platform in audiobook form!

This is the first time the BSC will be available in audiobook form. And the first five books (which are the classic stories in the series) Kristy's Great Idea, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, The Truth About Stacey, Mary Anne Saves the Day and Dawn and the Impossible Three will be narrated by actress Elle Fanning. Subsequent books will be individually narrated by several other actresses. About her involvement in the project, Elle Fanning says, "“The fierce friendships and babysitting adventures of The Baby-Sitters Club have been so much fun to perform!"

One of the biggest appeals of The Baby-Sitters Club is how all of the girls are so relatable. They're just regular girls who live in the suburbs. And they're dealing with a lot of things 13-year-old girls deal with. Over the course of the 131 books, they had to deal with moving, losing beloved relatives, and blending families. But the books did a really amazing job of portraying the realities of friendship as a tween.

As much as the girls love each other, there were plenty of times they had to overcome internal conflict. They're best friends, but as we can all remember, the tween years are about growth. So, author Ann M. Martin didn't shy away from what it's like when you're mad at your best friend for making a new best friend. Or the concerns we have for our friend when she's dating the wrong guy. But at the end of the day, the BSC is always there for each other.

And it's the universal appeal of the stories that have made them last for over 30 years. Because no matter how the world changes, friendship is always a theme that works.

“And I’m grateful and honored to hear from fans - young and old - who have supported the series with such affection, love and nostalgia for all things BSC. I’m excited that Audible will bring the books to life in a new format for the next generation,” Ann M. Martin says.

Whether you want to relive your childhood or introduce the next generation to The Baby-Sitters Club, the entire 131 books in the series will be available on Audible on August 13th. But, you can preorder them right now!

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