8 Stories From'The Baby-Sitters Club' That Would Be Perfect For The New Netflix Series

The Baby-Sitters Club

There is so excitement for the soon to come Netflix TV reboot of the '90s classic book series The Babysitter's Club. And of course, we're all wondering what exactly will happen in the new series. Netflix is describing the show as a "contemporary" update of the original, but what does that actually mean? Will they create all new story lines for the five original main characters? Or, are they going to go back into the archives (there are over 200 books to work with) for stories to give a refresher to?

Well, it's going to be some time before we find out, but in the meanwhile, we've come up with a list of stories that we'd love to see the show tackle.

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Kristy's Great Idea

You have to start at the beginning of course. Just seeing the logistics of how they would make the club relevant to a contemporary audience. Kristy's single mother's struggle to find affordable childcare for her little brother is still a very real problem. But the things that made the club so innovative: call one number and get several sitters, has been taken over by websites that offer the same service.

So, would their service be better because parents don't have to pay to use them? Would they have weekly club meetings or would they just meet once a month and group text otherwise? So many questions.

Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery

In the original story, Mary Anne receives mysterious letters saying she will suffer from bad luck. So now, instead of mysterious bad luck letters, what if she was being catfished by a peer?

They could be leaving her clues that she doesn't initially understand. The writers could delve into the importance of protecting yourself online, which is something teens still struggle with. And cyber bullying can be a strong theme too.

Stacey's Emergency

Stacey was open with the other girls about her diabetes from the beginning of the series. But this book has her being hospitalized. Even though it's become more widely recognized, there is a still a lot the general public doesn't know about the disease.

It could become a teachable moment for the other girls about just how serious diabetes can be, and bring them closer as they learn how to be there to help their friend if she should ever become very ill in their presence.

Kristy + Bart = ?

This one is probably the most obvious. Bart likes Kristy as more than a friend, but Kristy isn't sure how she feels about Bart. For years, fans of the show have speculated that Kristy might be gay, and this story would be the best way to examine that.

And then hopefully give the queer adult girls who saw themselves in Kristy the story they hoped for. Bart having feelings for her could lead Kristy to question her own sexuality. And she could use the other members of the BSC as her support as she figured it out.

Jessi and the Superbrat

Instead of Jessi babysitting a TV star, we could update this to a YouTube star kid. He could totally be a superbrat because he has literally millions of followers and views, and maybe even a lifestyle line at a major big box store.

Or, plot twist, he could totally hate unboxing a bunch of toys all day and he's a brat because none of the adults in his life listen to him. Jessi could be the person to listen to him and help him find something he genuinely enjoys doing.

Kristy and the Secret of Susan

We may have forgotten just how many topics the original books tackled. Kristy babysits a girl who is autistic, which is still a very relevant topic almost 30 years later. While Susan wouldn't necessarily have to go to a special school this time around, there could be challenges the family face with mainstreaming her.

And you could make the plot conflict that Susan's parents have turned into anti-vaxxers since Susan's diagnosis. Relevant on multiple fronts.

Dawn and the Older Boy

When Dawn begins dating an older boy, her friends worry because he's bossing her around. Again, this one is still something that is so, so relevant. Not only is 13 year old Dawn dating an older boy cause for concern (what would a boy in high school want with an 8th grader?) But there is a great lesson to be taught about the different kinds of abuse. Emotional abuse is a very real thing, and it is often overlooked because there is no visible trace of it.

But if Dawn is dating an emotionally abusive boy, the other girls will likely notice that something seems off about their friend. It can also highlight the difficulty of trying to get a young girl to leave an emotionally abusive relationship before it turns physical.

Keep Out, Claudia

Probably the story that is still so relevant, this one deals with racism. There is a family that doesn't want Claudia or Jessi as sitters, due to their being Japanese and black respectively. It is painfully obvious that racism is still an incredibly big problem, and it would be interesting to see how they would handle the targets being teenage girls.

Naturally, there are a lot of conversations the girls can have with each other about what it's like being a person of color in a town that is predominantly white. And it would force the white characters to realize that racism isn't just something you hear about on the internet.

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