Netflix Announces Cast Of 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Live-Action Series

After the initial announcement that Netflix is planning a reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club TV show, we've been waiting for any news. Well, that day is finally here! Netflix has announced two cast members for the live action show, and they're good ones! Alicia Silverstone and Marc Feuerstein will be playing two of the main adult characters.

Silverstone and Feuerstein will be playing Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Watson Brewer. For fans of the BSC series, you know Elizabeth and Watson are the parents of Kristy Thomas. Kristy is the one who comes up with the idea for the club, and is also the president. Part of her reasoning behind creating the BSC is because Elizabeth has so much trouble finding a babysitter for Kristy's little brother David Michael. Over the course of the early books, Elizabeth meets Watson, who is also divorced and has two young children. The couple gets married, and the Thomases move to Watson's wealthy neighborhood, away from the other members.

Older audience members will recognize Alicia Silverstone as Cher from the iconic 90s movie Clueless. For us 90s girls, the idea that Cher from Clueless is now playing the mom to tweens definitely makes us feel old. Silverstone is more recently known for her controversial parenting decisions, including pre-chewing her son's food for him. Marc Feuerstein is likely known from his starring role on the popular USA Network show Royal Pains.

As of right now, Silverstone and Feuerstein are the only cast members of the show to be announced. People may remember the 90s TV show version of The Baby-Sitter's Club that aired for one season. This new Netflix adaptation is "a contemporary original series," so it's hard to know how many of the original storylines will be used, if any. We do know that the characters Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacey and Dawn and presumably their families will be included. No word if Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey, the two junior members will be included. Ditto Logan Bruno, who is Mary Anne's boyfriend.

According to the press release from Netflix and Walden Media, the single camera, family show has already begun filming in Vancouver. Rachel Shukert (GLOW) is the showrunner, and Lucia Aniello (Broad City) will direct. The show currently has a 10 episode order, but there is no air date as of yet.

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