The Baby Shark Song That's Always In Our Head Is Now A Toy

baby shark

Every few years, a song comes along that sticks to your very soul. For some people, it's a good song, a memorable sing from their favorite band or singer. For parents, it's often ... the opposite. It's usually a song that their kid hears on a TV show or YouTube video, and the last thing it is is good. In fact, it's usually so incredibly annoying that the the first note or two sing a shiver down your spine. For many of us, that song is Baby Shark. The Baby Shark song is one of those earworms that gets into your brain and never leaves. It's everywhere! Your kids sing it. You sing it. You hear it in your dreams. You wake up after dreaming about baby sharks and daddy sharks. You might find yourself humming it in line at the grocery store, or singing "do-do-do-doodoo" under your breath while doing laundry. That song has somehow imprinted itself on our DNA, and we and our kids will never be the same.

As if the song wasn't bad enough, we have some distressing news, parents: Baby Shark is now a toy. Yep, you read that right! A stuffed shark that sings the song. Someone, make it stop!

Toy company WowWee is behind the new Baby Shark plushes, so if you're looking for someone to blame, there ya go! WowWee is also behind last year's incredibly popular Fingerlings, so they seem to know a thing or two about toys.

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There are three different sharks: Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, and of course, Baby Shark. You can preorder them on Amazon as of December 1, and they're expected to ship around December 15. Each plush sells for $17, so at least they won't break the bank! There's also a set of cubed stackable toys that sell for $8 each.

And obviously, the toys all play that DELIGHTFUL song when you squeeze them. All of them - Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Baby Shark, and all the little cubes. No work on how hard you have to squeeze them in order to make them play the song, but for our sake, we hope you have to squeeze them like you're trying to turn coal into a diamond. The last thing any of us need is to accidentally step on one of the toys at night and release that god forsaken song into the quiet, dark house.

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