Viral Facebook Post Nails The ABC's Of Every Post In A Mom Group

Being a mom is hard work, no matter how long you've been doing it. Thanks to the internet, moms now have endless resources at their fingertips to help them navigate life parenting their children at every stage. And while it's helpful to be able to hop on a trusty Facebook parenting group to ask for advice, it can often frustrating.

While Facebook mom groups mean well, they can often lead to more confusion and frustration when all you want is some simple advice. There's always someone who knows more than you (and everyone else), who thinks you're doing everything wrong, who thinks essential oils are the answer to EVERYTHING, and who simply are there to try to sell you something.

Recently someone posted a meme that perfectly describes what mom groups are like on the Facebook page Mombie Needs Coffee, and it is spot on.

Mom Groups Be Like: Mom A: “My house is on fire and my child is inside screaming. What do I do?! Picture for attention!...

Posted by Mombie Needs Coffee on Friday, September 20, 2019

The post begins with Mom A asking: “My house is on fire and my child is inside screaming. What do I do?! Picture for attention!" before every different type of mom you find in mom groups chimes in with their opinion.

"Mom B: “Try changing his diet. We cut out everything except kale and it’s done wonders for our kids.”

Mom C: “Essential oils. Unrelated: I sell them.”

Mom D: “He’s fine. Helicopter moms ugh. I didn’t even use a car seat when I was a kid and I’m fine!"

Every mom can relate to finding this sort of "advice" online, but it only gets funnier as the post goes on.

"Mom K: "I think there’s more to the story that you aren’t telling us. Please tell us your story from when you were born till now so we can evaluate your life and show you where you went wrong”

Mom L: “has he had his fire vaccinations yet? That will herd immunity protect him from the flames.”

Mom M: “I wish death upon you!^ How dare you believe in science and expose your child to heavy metals, autism, and ignorance by suggesting fire vaccinations!! Have you not seen Vaxxed?”

Mom N: just put some coconut oil on it!

Mom O: just latch him on demand to increase supply, lots of skin to skin.

Mom P: have you considered CIO? We tried it during the last fire and he only cried for 10 minutes. Hasn’t complained since."

If you've ever belonged to a mom group online you've no doubt encountered at least a few of these moms. While most are simply trying to be helpful, it can sometimes be a bit much, especially if you're simply looking for some help without the judgment or sales pitch. While the post itself hilariously captures what mom groups can be like, the comments take it to the next level.

"I as an older mother would have never let this happen. Mothers today just don’t get it," wrote one commenter adding their own option to the post. "Did you look on Pinterest.... they have a whole page devoted to preventing fires," wrote another.

Many couldn't help but agree with the post. "This is sooooo accurate!!" wrote one commenter. "Ahhhhhh, perfection and totally accurate," wrote another.

Mom groups can be a great source of information for all moms, but if your advice resembles any of that listed above, you may want to rethink before you post!

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