Thanksgiving Prank Has People Ask Their Parents How Long To Microwave A Turkey

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In just a few days, homes all over the country will be filled with all the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving. Gravy bubbling on the stove, pies baking in the oven, and of course the main event, THE TURKEY! Now, if you've ever cooked a Thanksgiving dinner, then you know it's sort of a lengthy affair. You don't just roll into the kitchen at 10 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning and get to cooking! If you're using a fresh turkey, you still have to prepare it, which can mean brining your bird or letting some herbs marinate under the skin.

If you're using frozen, you better get that bird out of the freezer at least a day before the big day! And then comes the cooking. You're looking at 12-15 minutes per pound, which for a 20 pound bird, is five hours of cooking time! Needless to say, Thanksgiving is at least a 2 day endeavor, everyone knows that. Which is why some millennials are pranking their parents by asking them how to cook a turkey in the microwave.

Now, we are all about pranks that are funny and don't hurt anyone. And let's be honest: older parents are prime for pranking! Especially when it comes to completely ruining time honored traditions. Man, NOTHING pisses off a parent more than one of their kids goes against everything they've been taught about something, like cooking a turkey, and mucks it all up.

Obviously, we all know you can't microwave a turkey for Thanksgiving. But millennials really embraced their reputation for being lazy when it comes to this prank. People are texting their parents and asking them how to cook a turkey in the microwave, and their parents' responses are amazing.

This mom called her daughter a nimrod, which might be the best text we've ever seen from a mom, LOL.

His parents were so concerned that they actually called him and we are cry-laughing.

When in doubt, blame mercury being in retrograde for your daughter asking how long she should microwave a 25-pound turkey to feed TWO PEOPLE.

These texts are amazing, and we have half a mind to text our own parents to ask them how to microwave a turkey. Because the holidays are for two things: eating until you feel lightheaded, and pissing off and/or disappointing your parents. You might not be able to eat a microwaved turkey, but you can sure accomplish the other goal with this prank.

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