10 Tips For When You Host Thanksgiving Dinner With A Baby

There is something magical about this time of the year when the holiday season is about to kick off. But before we can start celebrating all of the fall and winter holidays, we need to come together and unite as we take time to appreciate our past.

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Thanksgiving is one of the holidays where we enjoy a meal together with family and friends. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you might feel a bit overwhelmed about cooking dinner and taking care of your baby at the same time. So keep reading to discover ten tips you are going to need to know when you host Thanksgiving dinner with a baby!

10 Buy Pre-Made Items

Times have changed, and though some people still wake up at four in the morning to start prepping the Thanksgiving meal, many people do not do that anymore. A way to help keep your stress down and make Thanksgiving easier for you and your new family is to buy pre-made items. We are not saying that you have to get everything pre-made, but just getting a few items that you can pick up at the local store the day before can really cut your cooking time down.

9 See If Family Can Watch Your Little One Before The Meal

One thing that you discover right away as a parent is that your baby always wants attention. They want you to hold them, play with them, and generally just be around them. But if you are trying to make a big dinner like Thanksgiving your little one might get in the way. To help with this ask your family such as your parents or in-laws to watch your little one while you cook. This will surely give you the space you need to make all of the dishes and give your family some precious time with your baby.

8 Have Back-Up Clothes Already Picked Out For Baby

Hosting Thanksgiving is more than just cooking, it is also entertaining and making rounds to check in on all of your guests. And with so many people want to pick up your baby there can be a time when they get sick or messy from eating.

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You need to be prepared and plan ahead, have another outfit ready for them that you already set aside so you or your partner can quickly change your little one and then get back to your guests without them even realizing that you were gone.

7 Stick With Recipes You Know

If you are the type of person that loves cooking you might be induced to try a new recipe so you can have all of your family and friends taste it to give you feedback. But when you have a baby to look after while you are cooking then you need to stick with recipes you know. This will allow you to perfect the dishes that you made before and not lose focus on watching your little one as you struggle with a new recipe. So stick with what you know and leave trying a new recipe on a different day.

6 Take Time To Enjoy Family

Thanksgiving Day comes and goes so fast. From cooking the meal to making sure everyone at your house is enjoying themselves you might forget something very important- taking time for yourself.

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Though you might feel a bit hectic to get everything done, you need to take a step out of the kitchen and spend time with your family and baby. These are the moments you are going to remember when you are with your family. So take the time to remember what Thanksgiving is really about and that is spending time with your loved ones.

5 Find Simple Side Dishes

The main dish for Thanksgiving is the turkey, so, naturally, it is going to take up the most of your cooking time. So help make your meals easier you should find simple side dishes that do not require a lot of steps of ingredients. Spending less time on side dishes is going to allow you to spend more time with your little one and the rest of your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Look online today to start looking for simple side dishes your family will love.

4 Make Things The Day Before

Before Thanksgiving even arrives you need to look at what you need to make and see what you can cook the day before. Some items can be appetizers, some side dishes that can be made then set in the fridge for a night before you cook it, and of course some desserts.

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Making some dishes the day before is going to be a lifesaver so you do not have to do everything on the day of. And don’t worry, no one is going to notice if you make something the day before!

3 Call In Your Partner For Help

Since hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a lot for someone to handle, let allow manage with a baby, you need to be smart and ask your partner for help. Even if your parent is not the best in the kitchen you will be happy to have those extra set of hands to help you out. Your partner can cut ingredients to help prep what you are making or site something you have going on the stove. It’s these tasks that you can give anyone who is not good in the kitchen that can help free up some tasks for you to focus on something else.

2 Create A Schedule

Cooking can feel like a science when you have many dishes going at once. Before you even start cooking anything you should have an idea for how long it is going to need to be in the oven and how long it will take you to put together. Creating a schedule can help you get everything you need done without making you feel like you are going to lose your head. This schedule doesn't need to be complex it can just have an order of the things you want to put together to make cooking easier for you overall.

1 Ask For People To Bring Side Dishes

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that it is a time where you come together with the people you love and support you to enjoy a dinner together. Though some people may be traveling far to visit many people that are coming over your house live close by. The best way to host a Thanksgiving with a baby is to ask people to bring some side dishes or desserts. You will find out quickly that several families have recipes they love making and will be honored you asked them to bring that dish. So don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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