'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' (20 Things About The Cast)

When fans really love a television show, all they want is more seasons and more episodes. It was good news for Teen Mom fans when MTV announced that the network would be producing another spin-off of the popular franchise. This time around, it would be a show called Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

The show started airing in March 2018, and it followed five young women: Ashley Jones, Lexi Tatman, Jade Cline, Brianna Jaramillo, and Kayla Sessler. Anyone who has seen Teen Mom fell in love with the honesty and realness of each young mom, and fans took to this spin-off the same way. Reality TV is a tricky thing since on the one hand, people would feel strange about letting cameras into their own homes to follow their every move... but on the other hand, people love watching others live their everyday lives. Moms especially love the Teen Mom franchise since it allows a personal look at the universal experience of motherhood, even if not everyone watching had a baby at such a young age.

These five young moms are really interesting, and they are definitely worth getting to know. Read on to find out 20 things about the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

20 Briana Had Her Baby Without The Dad's Involvement


Brianna gave birth to her first child, Braeson, in 2017. One thing that we should know about Brianna is the situation involving her baby's dad.

When we first tuned into Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, we might have assumed that Brianna's boyfriend, Danae, was the father of her baby. According to Hollywood Life, her baby's dad is a friend of hers, but he's not part of the baby's life at all. We can imagine that it's very difficult to have a baby without the father being involved. Although her circumstances may not be perfect, Brianna is an inspiring mother and she's doing the best for her child.

19 Kayla's Boyfriend Took Her Debit Card


People who watch reality TV on a regular basis know that most of the scenes are very dramatic. While we might experience some drama every once in a while, it seems like reality TV stars have dramatic days almost every day. This is true of the cast members of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant as well.

According to The Ashleys Reality Round Up, one of the girls on the show, Kayla, has had a pretty dramatic relationship. Her boyfriend took her debit card, and more than that, they have had many arguments. It just generally seems like a negative relationship, and anyone who has been in the wrong relationship can, unfortunately, relate to this.

18 Jade Never Thought She Would Be A Young Mom

Radar Online

It seems like many young moms would say that they didn't expect to have a baby at this age. That is certainly the case for Jade on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

As Fame 10 says, "Jade is a 20-year-old from Indianapolis who admitted she always saw young mothers and thought to herself she 'never wanted that life.' Now, Jade is expecting a daughter with her boyfriend Sean, but their relationship has deteriorated since she got pregnant, and on top of that she has to take care of her parents."

Jade is an example of how your life can turn out much differently than you expected, and she has been sharing her story on the show.

17 Ashley And Her High School Beau Had A Baby

Reality Blurb

Ashley Jones is engaged to Bar Smith, her boyfriend from high school. Hollywood Life says that she wrote about him on social media, “I’ve loved you since high school and I love you so much more now. I know you're going to be the best daddy ever. You have taught me so much.” They had a baby girl in September 2017.

If any of us have been with our partner since high school, we can relate to having such a long-lasting love story, and it's definitely something to be inspired by. There is truly nothing more beautiful than starting a family with the person that you love the most and having that experience with them.

16 Briana Was Concerned Her Baby Would Be Missing An Arm


According to Hollywood Life, when Brianna was pregnant with her first child, she was concerned that he would be born without one of his arms.

Brianna told People magazine about how she felt when she found out: “It was definitely hard hearing about it and realizing he might grow up and realize that he’s different from everybody else. That was definitely hard. But, talking to my doctor about it — it made it a lot easier to handle it, and I realized it wouldn’t slow him down.” No mom ever wants to go through something so sad and incredibly nerve-racking, but Brianna is handling it with grace.

15 Jade Loves Being A Girl Mom


Jade's daughter is named Kloie Kenna Austin, and Romper notes that Jade's boyfriend Sean's social media bio says, "My daughter is my motivation, if she becomes half the woman her mother is, ill be very proud."

This is super sweet and something that we all want our partners to say and think if we have children with them. It definitely seems like Jade loves being a mom and she often posts adorable photos of her and her daughter on her social media. It's been interesting to watch her on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and see her go through having her first child.

14 Jade Has Said She Feels She's A Solo Mother


Us Magazine says that in one episode of the show, Jade said that she felt like a solo mom, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend, Sean.

Jade has been very real about the problems that she and Sean have had. It's always heartbreaking to realize that your family life hasn't gone according to plan because you thought that your partner/your baby's father would be there all the time but that's not the way that things are going. We all can agree that having a newborn is a big change and that when your partner isn't as on board as you want them to be, that makes things tricky.

13 Only Two Girls Were Pregnant Teens And The Others Are Young Adults


16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom became so popular since the girls were in high school while they were pregnant and that was a unique thing to show on television. Although this show is part of the franchise, not every girl was a pregnant adolescent.

Romper notes that Lexi and Brianna were the only stars of this MTV reality series who were teenagers who were expecting their first child. The others on the show are young women who are a bit older. We know that Jade says that she didn't expect to become a young mom and we can assume that the other girls didn't, either. It seems like it would be pretty surprising to find out that you're expecting a baby many years before you might have thought that you would begin a family.

12 Lexi's Family Put A Lot Of Pressure On Her

Us Weekly

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? You might since this is a common personality trait to have, but at the same time, you might wish that you could change because expecting perfection all of the time can get tiring.

According to Romper, Lexi has says that her family puts a lot of pressure on her. They want her to be perfect and she has shared that it was really tough to get pregnant at the young age that she did. This is sad to hear. We would never want a woman to feel like she has to be so perfect. It's hard enough to be a grown-up mom and want things to be perfect.

11 Lexi Realized Her Boyfriend Got Mean Comments And She Defended Him


Starring on a reality series means that you become well-known, and when you become well-known, people are going to talk about you. This can be awesome if you hear kind and supportive words, but as everyone knows, some people post rough comments online.

In Touch Weekly says that Lexi noticed that her boyfriend, Kyler, was getting mean comments about his appearance. She defended him and said some really awesome things, including, “Seriously guys. Kyler’s body shouldn’t matter to anyone but him. I didn’t realize his body was such a [sic] ‘issue.’ Come on. He’s perfect in every sort of way to ME."

10 Lexi Wanted To Complete High School Even Though She Was Having A Baby

Reality Tea

It seems like anytime we see a pregnant teenager on a reality show or in a fictional movie, there is one question on everyone's minds: Will they be able to graduate from high school? Being pregnant would definitely make going to class and doing homework more difficult, and that's not even mentioning going into labor, giving birth, and having a newborn in the house.

Romper says that Lexi knew that she wanted to finish high school, even though she was pregnant with her first child. It's commendable that Lexi knew that finishing high school was the right path for her to take. That could help inspire other teenage mothers to finish their schooling as well.

9 Kayla Showed She Struggled With Where To Live


If people wonder if a pregnant young woman can finish her schooling, whether she's in high school or college, we would say that people also wonder about her housing situation. Paying rent and affording your expenses becomes more complicated when you're expecting a little one.

In one of Kayla's scenes on the show, she was struggling with where to live. She got a job and was trying to be the best that she could be for her kid. She was living with her mom and wasn't sure if she should move out. She said, “I’m proud of myself that I’ve been supporting Izaiah on my own. I’ve got this job, which is going to lead to me getting an apartment. Knowing that I don’t need Stephen and I can do it by myself is a powerful feeling.”

8 Kayla Has Portrayed The Solo Mom Vs. Stay-In-A-Relationship Struggle


Part of Kayla's storyline on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant has been wondering if she should be a solo mom or stay in her relationship. She and her boyfriend have had a lot of hard times.

This is, unfortunately, something that many moms know all too well. You always want your family to remain intact and together. No mom would want to go it alone and not have their partner and the father of their child involved. And no mom wants to have to co-parent and figure out that sometimes complicated situation. We applaud Kayla for doing her best to make the right choice for her family.

7 Ashley Is A Mom And Also Studying In School

OK! Magazine

It's awesome that Ashley is in school and that she talks about it since this makes her a great role model for young women who might find themselves in a similar situation.

According to In Touch Weekly, she told the publication, “I am currently re-enrolled in a medical assisting certificate program that I will be done within the next few months." She also said, “And [I’m] also enrolled in a community college to start my pre requisites for my transfer." She mentioned that her fiance is supportive which is so awesome to hear. You definitely need that support if you're going to be juggling being a mom and being in school or working.

6 Lexi And Her Boyfriend Are Planning On More Children


Ok magazine says that Lexi and her boyfriend are planning on having more children.

Moms know that once they have one child, they are often asked if they're planning on having another child and if so, when that's going to happen. Sometimes it even seems as if you're asked that right after bringing your baby home from the hospital. Relatives and friends are well-meaning but it can feel like a lot of pressure.

It's awesome to hear that Lexi wants more kids, and it seems like she is handling being a young mom really well. We can't wait to see how her family expands in the future.

5 Jade Has Had Trouble With Her Own Mom


People says that Jade has had trouble with her own mom and that her mom hasn't had the easiest life. But Jade has still discussed on the show that she wants her mom to help with the baby.

Many women say that becoming a mother themselves will make them think that their own mom did everything for them. They sometimes feel badly for not thanking them more or being more aware of what their mom sacrificed for them. We can totally understand that even though Jade and her mom have a tricky relationship, she would still want her mom to be there for her now that she has become a mother herself.

4 Brianna Got Fired From Her Job


Hollywood Life mentions that Brianna got fired in the season one finale.

We can imagine that this was incredibly stressful. No one enjoys being fired, of course, but when you're a young mother and you're responsible for a baby, you really don't want to stop working since you would no longer have money coming in that you relied on. Why did she get fired? It was for her "poor attendance record."

While reality television might have a reputation for being full of intense and crazy moments, sometimes the episodes show more realistic moments that real people do experience. This was one of them for sure.

3 Lexi Was The Popular Girl And Felt Isolated Once She Got Pregnant


We have seen countless popular high school girls on TV and in movies, but it's rare to see a popular girl becoming pregnant and dealing with a whole new reality. Lexi's storyline allows her to share what it's like to be popular and suddenly faced with a huge change.

According to In Touch Weekly, Lexi was the popular girl at school but things changed once she was expecting her baby: "Lexi seemingly had it all — head cheerleader, a supportive and loving family — but then she got pregnant by her boyfriend of four years, Kyler. Isolated by her closest friends, the former popular girl now feels alone and like she is the subject of her conservative town's gossip."

2 Many Of The Cast Members Have Had Relationship Problems

The Hollywood Gossip

A big part of the show is watching each young woman struggle with problems in her relationship. This is something that the girls have in common although they are dealing with situations that are unique to each of them.

This is one of the sadder aspects of the show, especially because it's very common to become pregnant and then realize that your union is falling apart or to see your relationship change once you have a baby. If we'll be seeing more of these young women on MTV, we're definitely curious to see how their relationships evolve, and we hope that things will be much more positive for them.

1 Fans Wonder If Ashley Wanted Only One Season

The Hollywood Gossip

So far, there has been one season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, and Ashley wrote something about the season one finale that makes fans wonder if she only wanted one season.

According to Romper, she wrote, "Well ladies. Here goes my heartfelt post about what an honor its been to be apart of a tv show with you girls. So grateful that our cast is full of love and understanding, and when times get hard we all reach out. It’s been a long emotional journey. But that’s a wrap. Wouldn’t have done it any other way."

Fans of the show would love a second season, whether that will involve these same young moms or new ones, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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