"Teen Mom" Vs. "Fuller House": 20 Ways They're Raising Their Kids Differently

For anyone that has watched either Teen Mom or Fuller House, they have an opinion on it right off the bat. Some people think that Teen Mom is low-level and they assume they are going to see bad parenting. With Fuller house, people expect a more wholesome show and they assume that all the parenting lessons on there will be good, but that’s not always the case. Viewers have seen some questionable things on Fuller House, and they have also seen good parenting moments on Teen Mom. For the most part, fans get a little good and bad in both and that’s exactly what life is like.

There are heartwarming moments on both shows, and there is a reason why they are both popular shows. When it comes to Fuller House there are lots of parents who have different ways of parenting their children. There are also no teen pregnancies on the show; in fact most of the moms on the show are married or in serious relationships. Teen Mom obviously deals with teen moms which is a completely different ball game. Teen Mom Vs. Fuller House: Here are 20 different ways they’re raising their kids.

20 Teen Mom: Choosing To Adopt

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One great thing that we see on Teen Mom is the selfless act of giving a child up for adoption. For this teen mom, she knew she wouldn’t be able to properly care for her child and chose to give her up for adoption. Both Catelynn and Tyler experience turbulent childhoods with neglectful parents and they didn’t want the same for their child. They were only 16 and they made a mature decision to do what was right for their child. It’s was probably one of the best decisions they made as parents.

19 Fuller House: Absolutely No Indulging

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We saw an episode where Jackson came home not in the right state of mind and DJ was not having any of it. She made it perfectly clear how disappointed she was in her son and that she thought that he would make better decisions. DJ has always allowed Jackson to go to parties but she fully expects him not to indulge in things that would alter his mind in any way. It’s good parenting because kids are not allowed to have a glass and parents should not be encouraging it in any way.

18 Teen Mom: Farrah Gave Sophia Too Much Money

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We didn’t see it on the show, but Farrah posted about it on social media. Farrah is often scrutinized about her parenting methods and this was one of those times. She posted a photo of her daughter, who had lost her two front teeth. Like many parents, she put money under the pillow from the tooth fairy but it was in the form of $600. We saw six $100 bills sitting on Sophia’s nightstand. It was definitely way too extravagant for a child of that age and it showed a poor parenting choice for Farrah.

17 Fuller House: Honesty Is The Best Policy

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One thing that we notice on Fuller House, is that DJ expects her kids to be honest at all times. Big or small, DJ expects to be told what’s going on in her house. When she catches one of the many children in the house, she is extremely disappointed. Her disappointed mom face is pretty much the last thing you want to see. It’s a deterrent against lying all on its own. It’s obviously a good policy to have and teaching children, to be honest, is a very important thing to do.

16 Teen Mom: Things Kids Shouldn’t See

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When Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley would often get in arguments in front of the children. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we saw Amber get quite aggressive with Gary in 2010 and it was unsettling for fans of the show. Their one-year-old daughter, Leah, was in the room and witnessed it all. According to Daily Mail Online, Portwood was actually charged because of the incident when police saw the footage. She was quite the troubled woman at the time and we have seen her evolve over the years. She’s certainly changed a lot since then.

15 Fuller House: You Don’t Have To Talk To Mom, But You Have To Talk To Someone

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During the episode where Jackson had too many glasses at a party, we also discovered that he asked Fernando to pick him up from the party. He didn’t want DJ to find out, and Fernando kept it from her. She was furious when she found out and asked Fernando to leave her home. She found out later that Fernando assured her that he kept Jackson safe and didn’t want to break his trust just in case he ever needed him in the future. DJ realized that her son may not always come to her with problems but at least he was talking to one of the adults in the family.

14 Teen Mom: Build Your Child’s Confidence

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Leah has done a lot of good things for her daughter, Ali to help her with her condition. Finding out that your one year old has muscular dystrophy can’t be easy for any parent to hear. She could have felt sorry for herself but instead she focuses on what needs to be done for Ali’s future. "No matter what, [Ali] will be smart, I'll take care of her, and I will make her as independent as I can so that way, she can be happy with her life." She does whatever she has to do to build her child’s confidence and make her feel strong.

13 Fuller House: No Pre-Screening Of Babysitters

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Considering how strict DJ seems at times she does little to no screening when it comes to finding babysitters for her kids. You would think that she would be pre-screening everyone that comes into contact with her kids but she instead does nothing at all. Sometimes she will hire someone based on weird things like finding out the person used to live next door to them. She literally knows nothing about her sitters, but she will welcome them into her home and head out for the night. It’s so out of character for DJ that we find it bizarre.

12 Teen Mom: Different Forms Of Discipline

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We all have a way in which we choose to discipline our children and there are many debates on what is the best way. Maci Bookout is one of the more down to earth moms on the show so it surprised fans when on her spinoff Being Maci,  viewers saw another side of her in the way she chose to discipline Bentley. She got a lot of flak for it from fans but she defended her actions.

11 Fuller House: Boyfriends/Girlfriends In Your Bedroom

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We saw DJ reeling when she first found out that Jackson had a girlfriend, but she didn’t do much about it. As our children become teenagers, we know it’s inevitable that they will start dating. It’s not really something we can stop from happening. But we see DJ give Jackson a great deal of privacy with his girlfriends. He’s often seen kissing his girlfriend throughout the house and he’s allowed to be alone in his bedroom with her. C’mon, DJ! Let’s not make it too easy for him. For someone as strict as she is you would think she would have some ground rules.

10 Teen Mom: Losing Custody Of Your Kids

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Janelle Evans always had a volatile relationship with her mother, and we see it get worse in Teen Mom. At some point Janelle gave her mother full custody of her son and that was probably the best thing that she could have done for him because she wasn’t a very stable person. She tried to get custody back from her mother even though she hadn’t stopped her partying lifestyle. Her mother didn’t feel that she was a fit parent and didn’t want her to have custody. Janelle has grown a lot over the years and thankfully got her life on track.

9 Fuller House: Toddlers Are Left Alone

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One thing that we noticed on Fuller House is the youngest child, Tommy is often left alone. There was one episode where everyone went into the kitchen to get ice cream sandwiches leaving Tommy all alone in the living room. It was then that he destroyed the stuffed animal that belonged to his brother. Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if anyone was watching the toddler. Tommy is often left alone in a room while everyone else is in another room. It’s like he doesn’t exist at times. Again, it’s out of character for DJ but she’s not even home sometimes when it’s happening.

8 Teen Mom: Focusing On Developmental Needs

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Leah Messer really had to work hard at being a mom right from the beginning. She discovered her daughter’s condition because she noticed she wasn’t developing as quickly as her sister was. A lot of young moms may not have even realized such a thing. She insisted on having Ali examined and it was that early intervention that got Ali the help that she needed. If she hadn’t who knows what would have happened to the child. She’s always been focused on doing what’s best for Ali and the condition that she has.

7 Fuller House: Electronic Usage Is Just Fine

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The use of electronics should always be minimal in any home. No child should be sitting in front of a device all day long. As much as we love Fuller House, we are often surprised to see how much the kids are on electronic devices. It shouldn’t be surprising, however,  because the adults are on their phones pretty often as well. It seems sometimes that the kids only agree to do something if they are allowed to bring a device with them. Ramona only agreed to babysit if she was allowed to Vlog about it. It’s actually kind of sad.

6 Teen Mom: Respecting The Role Of Dad

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A lot of the moms on Teen Mom have a lot of difficulty with co-parenting. But Maci doesn’t seem to have that problem at all. Her efforts to co-parent with Ryan are pretty awesome. They didn't have the best relationship when they were together, but Maci still makes the effort to include Ryan in her son’s life. One of the reasons why she left Ryan was because she felt that he wasn’t committed to parenting. But she is always encouraging him to take a role in their child’s life. She meets Ryan’s girlfriends and always introduces him to the men that she has in her life.

5 Fuller House: You Can’t Be A Cool Mom

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It’s like DJ is trying to prove that if you want to be a good mom, you have to also be completely lame. Every time that she comes close to being a cool person, it’s like she remembers that cool people can’t be moms and she shuts it down. She is a gorgeous woman but she pulls off being completely awkward around men, even ones that she has known for a long time. Kimmy is super annoying but she is a character that is interesting to fans. Kids seem to dig her because of that but DJ is always going to be that lame mom that no one wants to hang with.

4 Teen Mom: Parents Use Children As Tools

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When it comes to Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley, they are both guilty of using their children as tools of manipulation towards each other. Really, it’s one of the least ideal things that you can do as a parent. Throughout the series, these two were very kind to each other. In one episode we see Gary being jealous of a relationship that Amber is in and because of that he won’t let her come to her child’s birthday party that he is throwing in his home. They get in an argument about custody and Gary states how he’s never going to let her see her daughter again.

3 Fuller House: Good Grades Are Important

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Like any good parent you want to make sure that your children are doing well in school and that they are making good grades. It’s important for their future that they have good grades. DJ certainly has a rule that her children have to do well in school but she also doesn’t put a lot of pressure on them either. When one of her son’s came home with a low grade that he was really upset about, she assured him that he didn’t need to feel the need to be perfect and that was an awesome parenting moment for her.

2 Teen Mom: Mom Wants To Trade Places With Child

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It’s hard to be a parent and see your child in pain. Any parent would want to take the place of their child in that case and we see that a lot with Leah. No parent wants to hear that there is something wrong with their child. In season two of Teen Mom, we see Leah and Corey preparing Ali for her first medical procedure which was an MRI. The parents are nervous when they find out that she has to be sedated. We see Leah breaking down because she doesn’t want her daughter to have to go through any of it.

1 Fuller House: There Is Plenty Of Family Support

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The one thing that is so great about DJ’s life is that she has so much family support. No matter what is going on in her life she knows that someone will have her back. She can leave in an emergency and she knows that someone is caring for her children. If there is ever a problem that she faces, she knows that she is never alone. It’s so important for any parent to have a strong support system that she can fall back on. DJ clearly has that, and it’s wonderful for her family.

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