"Teen Mom" Kailyn: 15 Pics That Paint Her As The Perfect Mom (And 5 That Show The Truth)

Kailyn Lowry has made a name for herself on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. The show first documented her struggles as a teen mom, as she welcomed her son Isaac at the age of 17 with her then-boyfriend, Jo, in 2009. The two split up shortly after their son’s birth, and Kail went on to marry Javi Marroquin in 2011. They welcomed their son Lincoln in 2013, but Kail eventually filed for divorce in 2015, after two years of marriage. Fast-forward to today, Kailyn welcomed her third son, Lux Russell, earlier this year with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez.

This reality star definitely hasn’t had an easy time being a mom, as TM2 fans have seen her deal with years of baby daddy drama, feuds with co-stars, and a tumultuous love life. Despite the drama, Kailyn has managed to achieve many accomplishments. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mass communications from Delaware State University, she currently hosts her own Podcast series Coffee Convos, and she just launched a CBD infused haircare line, all while balancing being a solo mom to three young boys. Boy, she must be busy!

For the most part, Kailyn seems like she has everything together- and honestly, she’s about as perfect as moms get. But, with that being said, she’s definitely made her fair share of mistakes along the way. Check out the ways Kail appears totally perfect and some ways she’s, well, not-so-perfect!

First, let's have a look at the ways that Kailyn is a perfect mom...

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20 Puts The Drama Aside For The Kids

via theashleysrealityroundup.com

It’s no secret that Kailyn has had drama with all three of her baby daddies, but the celeb has proven she always puts the chaos aside when it comes to her kids.

She demonstrated this just a few months ago when she invited her youngest son, Lux’s, father to his first birthday party, despite being on rocky grounds. The two put on a brave face for the cameras as they posed for pics and celebrated with their son.

Recently, Kail says co-parenting has gotten better between her and Chris, explaining over social media that he’s been financially pitching in and spending more time with their toddler.

19 She's Owning Solo Parenthood

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Aside from her short lived marriage to baby daddy no. 2, Kailyn has mostly been a solo mom for the duration of her teenage and adult life.

She split with her eldest son Isaac’s father shortly after his birth, and her marriage to Lincoln’s dad Javi was short and choppy. And, most fans know that Kail wasn’t dating her third son, Lux’s, father when she got pregnant or afterwards.

Despite the challenge of raising two boys on her own, Kailyn has done so with grace. The star always makes it seem like a piece of cake, and her positive attitude and determination to not miss out on anything is inspiring- just like when she did a maternity photo shoot with baby no. 3, despite all of the sad baby daddy drama unfolding at the time.

18 Still Has A Life

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Despite being a busy mom-of-three, Kailyn still makes time to have a life!

The celeb has had many relationships throughout the years, which fans have gotten a glimpse of through TM2 and social media. Kailyn has dated both guys and gals before.

This photo shows Kail posing for a cute selfie with her ex-girlfriend, Dominique. Although the two seemed beyond happy, they surprised fans with their quick split this summer. Though no official reason was given for their break-up, Kailyn implied that she wasn’t ready to be in another committed relationship.

“I feel bad about the way I went about the situation with Dom,” Kailyn told US Weekly about her relationship regrets. “She’s so sweet but I really just didn’t know how to handle it all. I didn’t want it on TV.”

17 The Classic Soccer Mom

Via Pinterest

Kailyn is sure one busy mama!

The reality star is always posting updates for her fans on what activity she’s taking her three sons to. One of their favourite sports is soccer- her eldest boys, Lincoln, and Isaac, have been playing for years and we’re sure Kail will sign baby Lux up as soon as he’s old enough.

“This is what our Saturdays look like,” the mom captioned this adorable photo that she shared. Despite her busy schedule (and having a newborn!), Kailyn looked pulled-together and stylish as usual. We wish we knew what her secret to perfection was!

16 Her House Is Spotless

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Another reason fans can’t get enough of Kailyn is because of her impeccable interior design skills! The celeb often gives fans a glimpse into her perfectly decorated home through social media, which looks like something you’d see off of Pinterest. We guess being on TV means you want your home to look like something out of a magazine.

Just this past April, Kailyn introduced a bunch of renovations to her gorgeous Delaware home, OK! Magazine reports. Specifically, the mom-of-three did a ton of work to her backyard, including installing a new pool and fixing the fence. The renos were all done by the time it came to Lux’s first birthday, in which Kail had a pool party to show off her new home.

15 Makes Co-Parenting Look Easy

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Kailyn has come a long way when it comes to her co-parenting relationship with eldest son Isaac’s dad, Jo, and his wife, Vee!

Despite years’ worth of on and off screen drama, these parents finally seem to have put their differences behind them. They’re even posting pics to social media showing them hanging out, so it looks like things are better than ever between these three.

With that being said, sources say Kail and Jo still butt heads when it comes to working out their son’s schedule. Jo and Vee have voiced on the show that they’d like to have formal 50/50 custody over Isaac, though no formal arrangement has ever been put in place. As of September 2017, OK! Magazine reports that Jo and Vee were gearing up to take Kailyn to court to work out a custody arrangement once and for all.

14 Third Baby Was A Breeze

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Fans were taken off guard when Kailyn announced she was expecting baby #3, especially since she wouldn’t reveal who the father was or confirm if they were together. It wasn’t long until it was revealed that the dad was her longtime friend, Chris Lopez, who has never seemed very motivated to be involved. Even after Lux’s birth, a source says Kail still has to put up with tons of drama and disappointment.

However, despite the tough situation, Kail makes motherhood look like a breeze. She’s proven to be able to handle baby daddy drama like a pro, while still working full-time and keeping herself, her house, and her kids always put together. We don’t know how this mama does it, but she makes being a mom look like a breeze.

13 She's A Business Woman

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Think Teen Mom 2 is the only way Kailyn brings in the bucks? Think again!

Kail has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman with the amount of endorsements and sponsorships she’s done over the years. The celeb is routinely partnering up with companies and brands, and advertising their products on social media.

While some fans get annoyed with the amount of #ads Kail and other celebs post, we’ve got to remember that this is a huge source of income for many. Kail has three boys to support, so no one should judge her for doing sponsored posts. If you could make a cool $10,000 just for posting a pic, you know you’d totally do it, too!

12 Works Hard On Her Fitness

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Unfortunately, Kailyn has been no stranger to receiving negative comments online for her fluctuating lbs. Earlier this year, Kailyn was actually considering going under the knife with Dr. Miami (again) in order to quickly help her regain her appearance post-baby. However, days before her procedure, she decided that she wanted to work on herself the old-fashioned way- by hitting the gym.

The mom has been documenting her fitness journey on social media for fans to see, and is often a regular at the gym. We love that she’s committed to her health and meeting her body goals in her own time, which is giving us total #workoutinspiration!

11 She's Got Strong Mom Friends

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Moms need supportive mom friends!

All of the girls from Teen Mom (well, except for Farrah) have been really close, and Kailyn is no exception. She’s friends with all of her famous co-stars, but perhaps her closest mom friend is fellow mom-of-three, Leah Messer.

The TM2 co-stars routinely post photos of the two of them hanging out whenever they happen to be in the same town. Just last year, cameras showed the friends travelling to Hawaii together for a kid-free vacation. Likewise, Leah has guest starred on several of Kail’s podcast episodes, and we’re sure Kailyn will do the same on Leah’s new podcast, too.

10 Gets Along With The Step Mom

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Any parent who’s had to deal with a step parent come into the picture will tell you that it’s not easy to adjust to. Kailyn had a very difficult time coming to terms with the fact that Isaac’s father, Jo, had moved when he began dating Vi. Teen Mom 2 showed the ladies get into many heated arguments, and it seemed like they’d never make amends.

Luckily, however, things have widely improved in recent years. Not only has Kail’s co-parenting relationship with Jo gotten better, but she’s also on good terms with his now-wife. The parents are routinely shown to hang out with their mix of kids on TM2- heck, Kailyn even attender their wedding earlier this year. It’s good to see that these parents are all on good terms!

9 Teen Mom With A Degree

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It’s no secret that many young and teen moms don’t go on to receive higher education aside from high school. After all, parenting is a full-time job in itself. But Kailyn beat the odds when she got her Bachelor’s Degree while balancing being a mom-of-two and expecting a third one.

Fans were so proud of the reality star when she posted pics from her graduation photoshoot on social media a little over a year ago. Kailyn was heavily pregnant with son Lux at the time, and perfectly wrote on her graduating cap, “Mom x 3 + a degree.” She was awarded a degree fro Delaware State University, which she had been attending on and off for over five years.

8 Has Her Own Podcast

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How many moms do you know that have their own podcast?

A few months ago, Kailyn announced she was beginning a podcast called Coffee Convos with her friend and fellow mom, Lindsie Chrisley. The ladies have had a slew of guests on the podcast, including Kail’s ex-husband Javi and several co-stars, like Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra and Leah Messer.

Kailyn and Lindsie don’t shy away from talking about anything on their podcast, discussing their family and relationship problems to their parenting advice. Several weeks ago, Kail opened up about her relationship with her estranged mother, admitting she didn’t even know if she was still alive. If love Teen Mom 2 drama, then you’ll love this podcast.

7 The Happy Parents

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Although fans know now just how bad things got between Javi and Kailyn before they finally settled their divorce, there was once a time when they looked like a picture-perfect couple. Adorable photos like this one show how the young parents were once madly in love. Ah, how times change!

Nowadays, luckily, these exes seem to be on okay terms. Javi just welcomed a second child with his current girlfriend, while Kailyn has since welcomed her third son. Kail has only had nice things to say about Javi and his new GF and their pregnancy.

It seems she’s just happy Javi is finally out of her hands!

6 Close With Her Co-Stars

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There was once a time when Kailyn was close to all of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, as evidenced by this photo of the young moms posing at a reunion. Kail still remains close to Leah Messer and Chelsea Deboer- but the same can’t be said about her friendship to Jenelle Evans!

Jenelle has had a rough time getting along with all of her co-stars throughout the years, but it’s been especially bad since she tied the knot to her hubby, David Eason. David has poked fun of Teen Mom stars online numerous times, including taking a jab at Kail’s love life. In response, Kailyn has said she has concerns about David's beliefs.

And here are the ways she is not-so-perfect...

5 Feuding With Co-Stars

via radaronline.com

There’s a reason reality TV performs so well- it’s dramatic!

Kailyn got into a very heated altercation with co-star and nemesis, Briana De Jesus, during last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunions. The girls had been on bad terms for a while, even since Bri began dating Kail’s ex husband Javi.

Despite the couple breaking up months ago, tensions were still high when the ladies came face-to-face at the reunion. While Kailyn was being interviewed on stage, Briana actually burst out from behind-the-scenes in what looked like an attempt to start something. Both Bri and Kailyn had to be forcibly kept apart from each other by security.

4 This Televised Slip-Up

via justjared.com

For the most part, Kailyn has maintained a pretty clean image, despite having most of her life aired on camera. But there is one indiscretion in the celeb’s love life that many fans have a hard time forgetting: her short-lived romance with Jordan.

Kail briefly dated Jordan, a normal guy from her hometown, in the beginning seasons of Teen Mom 2. Although he seemed like a pretty stand-up guy, things came crashing down when Kailyn admitted to him she'd gotten together with her son Isaac’s dad, Jo - something Jordan had expressed concern over before.

Unsurprisingly, the two split ways, and Kail has since expressed regret over how things ended.

3 Baby Daddy Drama

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There’s been no shortage of drama between Kailyn and her baby daddies. But her relationship with baby daddy no. 3 Chris Lopez might be the most tumultuous of all. This photo is a still from an episode of Teen Mom 2 where Kail was getting into an argument with Chris about their son on the phone.

Kailyn has been very vocal about how little Chris has been involved in Lux’s life, calling him out on the show and over social media multiple times. She claims he’s flaky, and will ask to see his son one week but not the next. Back in July, Kailyn went online to call Chris an “[social media] dad” to criticize him for not seeing Lux despite posting a photo with him.

"When he's seen him twice. Acting like he's a parent when he doesn't [care]. And now, all of a sudden, he wants to see the kid." she later said on the show In Touch Weekly reports.

2 The Realities Of Relationships

via okmagazine.com

One of the drawbacks of being on a show like Teen Mom 2 is that your whole life is publicized- including all the messy break-ups and subsequent drama.

Kailyn went through a tough time when audiences witnessed the dissolution of her marriage to Javi. Things reached a climax when the exes appeared on MTV’s Couple’s Therapy together and were contractually obligated to discuss their marital problems. But what made it even worse? They’d signed up for the show before filing for divorce, yet still had to show up, which made things extra awkward!

Javi didn’t hold back on-camera from making accusations against his ex, saying that she was unfaithful while he was deployed and he came home to another guy in his house. Kailyn has also said Javi was unfaithful but fans won’t get the full story- at least not from her!

1 The Drama Just Keeps Coming

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And the drama just keeps on coming!

Here’s another photo that captured Kailyn in the middle of drama with her fellow co-star, Briana DeJesus, at last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion. Evidently Bri had posted some not-so-nice comments online about Kail’s relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris, insinuating that he’s been rough with Kail.

It’s no surprise that Kailyn didn’t take well to the comments, so tensions were heated when the ladies arrived on set. Fans know all too well the drama that unfolded during the rest of the reunion.

Sources: Radar Online, OK! MagazineUS Weekly.

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