Teen Mom Farrah: 17 Pics That Paint Her As The Perfect Mom (And 3 That Tell The Truth)

Ever since she first debuted on 16 & Pregnant, fans weren’t sure what to think of Farrah Abraham. Her traumatic backstory, including the death of her daughter’s father, made for an interesting storyline on the show. But very quickly, Farrah went from MTV’s teen mom sweetheart to practically the most loathed mom on the show.

From leaving her toddler daughter to go to college in Florida to the way she talks to the little girl, Farrah drew critics with her unapologetic personality and often crass attitude. It didn’t help that she later underwent a slew of plastic surgeries, negotiated a contract for an adult movie, and publicly feuded with her mom, her dad, and even her daughter’s paternal grandparents. Perhaps the most drama-filled headlines come from Farrah’s pushing her own beauty standards onto young Sophia—plucking her eyebrows when she was a preschooler, putting makeup on her in kindergarten, and making her a mini model with more grown-up clothing.

In the end, there appear to be few redeeming qualities about Farrah in general, even as Teen Mom rolled out and continued documenting her life. But if you want to be a bit miffed, take a look at these 17 photos that paint Farrah as the perfect mom. Afterward, check out the three that are maybe a more honest portrayal of her parenting journey, as documented by the media.

20 Thoughts Of Derek

While Farrah and her then-boyfriend were reportedly off and on around the time Sophia was conceived, his death was a tragic blow to everyone. And while Sophia met her dad’s family when she was a baby, there were some tiffs between Farrah and her pseudo-in-laws that Teen Mom viewers weren’t sure could be fixed. But through it all, Farrah made sure Sophia knew about her dad, taking her to visit his grave regularly and talking about him often. And, as it turns out, the issues with Derek’s family were relatively short-lived—the families get together now, as evidenced by the next pic!

19 Bonding With Grandpa

Though they had a rocky start, it seems that Farrah and her late boyfriend’s parents are now on good terms. It even looks like Sophia has a good relationship with her grandfather, Jerry Underwood, as photos of them together have shown up recently. Farrah speaks kindly about Jerry, sharing their images on social media, and it looks like Sophia has an idea of where she came from. That’s a far cry from their beginnings with Farrah as a teen mom! Seeing Sophia with Jerry makes it seem like the more mature Farrah has come full-circle when it comes to repairing bonds within the family.

18 Dashing Off To Disney

What kind of mom takes her kid to Disney? An awesome one, right? Kids all over the world want to visit one of the most magical places on Earth—and Sophia got to do it in Hong Kong! Most of us average parents have to budget and save for months (or longer) to get up the cash to take our kids to Disney, and it’s usually one on our home continent. So seeing Farrah not only taking Sophia on such a trip, but also showing a playful side in this King Kong pic gives us warm and fuzzy feelings about her as a mom.

17 Snuggling Baby Soph

When Farrah first appeared on 16 and Pregnant and subsequent Teen Mom episodes, she wasn’t the kind of mom who partied a lot or left her infant home with mom and dad. Sure, she wasn’t always the perfect mom, but no one is. However, in this old photo of a baby Sophia, Farrah was cradling the infant to her in a baby carrier. Modern mamas use carriers to keep their babies close to them, so this snap made Farrah look good from the start. At least, until she began having plastic surgery and drawing attention for her less-than-desirable public behaviors.

16 Casual Chowing Down

Okay, so not all moms have the funds to eat out all the time, but this pic shows a sweet moment with Sophia and her mom. What parent would willingly eat multi-colored hamburger buns on their own, right? And unlike some of the girls’ more formal public appearances, Farrah’s not dressed to the nines for this event. That makes this snap even more heartwarming- especially given Farrah’s propensity for perfectly-timed promotional pics with her often reluctant daughter. It’s also refreshing that Sophia looks like your average kid, rather than a mini model with a ton of makeup and red-carpet clothes.

15 Keeping Up With Family

This snap comes from Farrah’s cousin’s wedding, where she and Sophia both posed with the bride. While the photo on its own doesn’t say much about Farrah’s parenting abilities, it’s a positive reflection on her family values. After all, you wouldn’t attend a wedding for your cousin if you weren’t close with her. You also wouldn’t attend someone’s wedding if you’d been feuding with them. So all in all, it’s a good sign that Farrah and Sophia attended the wedding and look happy enough to be there. In the end, there’s nothing more important than family—a value that Farrah seems to be teaching her girl.

14 Family Feuding Finally Ends

If you watched the original 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom episodes, you already know that Farrah and her mom, Debra, didn’t always get along. In Sophia’s infancy, Farrah and her mom were constantly bickering. And when Farrah began attending culinary school, there was a lot of back and forth about Farrah getting her life together. She even left Sophia with her mom while she went away to college—which created a strong bond between Sophia and grandma. It may have taken years, but at least this snap shows that Farrah has always tried (or at least appeared to try) to keep the peace, even if it slipped away at times.

13 Birthday Bash Bliss

All moms probably dream of throwing their kids elaborate parties and making their wildest dreams come true. And fortunately for Farrah, she’s got the financial means to make Sophia’s reality super magical. While some critics think that Sophia’s fifth birthday—complete with a mini “unicorn” pony—was over the top, we say it was at least an effort toward making her daughter happy. Of course, we don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but in the snap, Sophia looks blissful and Farrah looks like a hands-on mom. Sure, it’s only one moment in time—but imagine how much prep work went into planning that bash!

12 Back To School Snaps

This is the new mom “thing” these days: staging cute photos of our kids when they return to school every fall. And Farrah’s jumped on the trend, documenting the start of fourth grade for Sophia. And here, Sophia looks like your average nine-year-old, cradling her puppy and chilling on a park bench. It’s actually sort of unlike Farrah to not go super grand with the photo shoot—after all, she’s had way more glamorous professional photos taken of her daughter—but this pic is refreshing and suggests a mom who’s invested in her kiddo’s life and interests. Does it tell the truth, though? We wouldn’t be so sure.

11 Compassionate Capers

So Farrah and Sophia have been to plenty of red-carpet events, rubbed elbows with superstars, and wasted tons of money on gold-flecked sparkling juice. But in this photo? They’re attending an event that is tied to a charity, rather than a star-studded premier, and they’re holding what looks like donated toys. Not only that, but the duo is fairly dressed down compared to other events they’ve been to. By all appearances, spectators would likely assume that Farrah’s focused on motherhood rather than drawing the attention of the spotlight. Sophia’s appropriately little-girl outfit helps make the young mom look good, too.

10 Snowy Shots Suggest More

This is a cute photo of Sophia and her mom because they’re having a casual day in the snow, or at least a step out on to their balcony. But what stands out to me is the fact that Sophia has braces in this pic! Of course, plenty of kids her age need them- but the surprising part is that Farrah went for all-silver in her daughter’s mouth. In a time when invisible braces, or some other “fashion-forward” options are available, it’s interesting to see that Farrah went the utilitarian route. Of course, the fact that she made sure Sophia got braces in the first place also paints the picture of a caring and passionate mom.

9 Movie Award Moves

Of all the events Sophia’s been to throughout her life, including her mom’s deal signing for an adult film, the MTV Movie Awards is one of the most benign red carpet walks ever. Farrah is appropriately dressed in a feminine-cut suit, while Sophia’s wearing a sweet dress that’s age-appropriate. She’s also not wearing a ton of caked-on makeup, which critics usually keep an eye out for. All in all, this public appearance is one that makes Farrah look relatively good, especially considering her past appearances wearing far less clothing and sans her daughter. No matter what happened after this shot was captured, the image gives the impression that Farrah’s got it all together.

8 Grand Opening Glimpses

We know that our favorite stars from Teen Mom didn’t start out making bank. We do know, however, that for more recent episodes, the young moms are bringing in more cash. And with all of Farrah’s other pursuits, she’s probably got plenty of money in the bank. According to multiple sources, Farrah’s worth at least one million bucks. So the fact that she opened a frozen yogurt shop and brought Sophia along suggests that she’s teaching Sophia the value of hard work. Of course, who knows how much work Farrah did to get the store opened and running, but this picture suggests that she’s a boss mama setting an example for her girl.

7 Phenomenal And Ladylike

It’s no secret that raising a strong and independent daughter can be difficult, especially since society tends to tell women they can’t do things rather than supporting their efforts. So seeing Farrah and her daughter modeling “Phenomenal Woman” shirts together is not only refreshing but makes Farrah look seriously conscious and forward-thinking. In the past, Farrah’s adult movies and beyond PG-13 public appearances had people thinking she didn’t care about setting an example for her young and impressionable daughter. But this image would have people thinking the opposite. Although whether that’s accurate or not can be left to your judgment.

6 Family Outings For Fun

Via OK! Magazine

This snap of Sophia field-side at a soccer game looks like she’s having a great time hanging out with her mom. Whether she’s just there to observe or she’s waiting her turn to play a game, the fact that she’s being exposed to sports is great. After all, with all the time she and her mom spend jet-setting and making public appearances, they both likely need a bit of downtime. Of course, every time mom Farrah takes a photo, it looks like Sophia’s ready to model, but we’ll forgive that for the time being thanks to the fact that they’re partaking in a wholesome activity.

5 No More Horsing Around

This photo may not be of the actual horse Sophia owns, but rumor has it, Farrah bought her a pony at some point. Whether or not it lives at their house is up for debate, but the fact remains that Farrah bought her girl a pony! Most parents are the “mean mom” who says no to a lot of things, but Farrah doesn’t appear to be one of those. Of course, that means critics accuse her of spoiling Sophia, but knowing that she bought her little girl a horse makes her look good on the surface, at least.

4 Drama While Dining Out

Though it looks like Sophia’s acting up in this photo, you have to know the back story to make this an example of Farrah’s positive parenting. In the photo, Farrah and Sophia are out to eat with Farrah’s mom and Sophia’s grandma, Debra. They’re discussing Debra’s upcoming wedding (Farrah’s parents divorced years ago), eliciting eyerolls and negative comments from Sophia. Farrah’s reaction is to ask Sophia what’s wrong and whether they need to have a talk. Impressively, this results in the two leaving the table and talking a bit about how Sophia is upset by the pending wedding and feels anxious when they talk about it. Talk about serious parenting points!

3 The Truth: Plastic Surgery Past

I remember watching Teen Mom in the early days and wondering why she chose to start having plastic surgery when Sophia was so little. Sophia wasn’t more than a toddler at the point when Farrah had her first surgery, a breast augmentation at the age of 19. Her surgery took her from an A cup to a C, OK Magazine reported, and it cost $5,000. Of course, during her recovery, Farrah needed a ton of help from her mom and other family members. But that wasn’t the end of her surgeries- every time she had a procedure, someone had to be there to help out with Sophia- including during two subsequent breast augmentations, lip injections, a nose job, and even down-below reconstructive surgery.

2 The Truth: Saying Goodbye To Furry Friends

More recently, Farrah stirred up controversy when she live-selfied the passing of her and Sophia’s dog. Apparently, the pup became ill out of nowhere, and Farrah took to social media to share the news, along with this selfie of her and Sophia both with tears in their eyes. And to critics, this photo embodied everything that they believe Farrah lacks when it comes to parenting. Rather than keeping her daughter’s sadness from the media, Farrah publicized it for attention, resulting in even more people giving her a thumbs-down on her parenting. After all, it’s not the only time Farrah has over-shared online- you could argue it all started when she admitted to waxing then-three-year-old Sophia’s eyebrows.

1 The Truth: Promotional Pic Pitfalls

Although at first glance you might think that the focus of this photo was Sophia’s certificate of achievement, that’s sadly not the case. It’s one of many promotional shots that Farrah has featured her daughter in, showcasing products she likes or gets paid to share. This product appears to be some type of focus supplement, which makes this photo even worse, because the only possible connection Sophia’s certificate could have with the supplement is that she’s been taking it… On the whole, most supplements aren’t deemed safe for kids, and many aren’t even tested for safety at all, making this a worrisome shot.

Reference: OK Magazine

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