'Teen Mom' Catelynn: 20 Pics That Paint Her As The Perfect Wife

Catelynn Lowell has made her mark on pop culture and reality TV. Despite the unorthodox way in which she appeared on screen, she's been the most relatable out of all the cast members of 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom.

She rose to fame after she and then-boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, gave up their first-born daughter for adoption. For many, this would have caused the relationship to become rocky. The couple instead became stronger for it and even moved in together afterward.

Despite her ups and downs, Lowell seemed relatable for many fans of Teen Mom, and even people who don't consistently watch the show. For one, her story seemed like a real-life case of Juno.

As we've seen her grow, we've also seen how she's been able to keep a steady relationship with Baltierra. In fact, the couple now has two children together.

Sadly, we saw their relationship come to a pause. Over the years we've gotten a glimpse of how Catelynn has tried to be the best possible wife and mother to her children. The reality TV star also co-wrote a book called Conquering Chaos. The title alone shows us her path hasn't been easy, but it's also been kind of exemplary.

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20 There's Still Love Here...

Via E! Online

We first saw Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra as high-school aged kids on 16 and Pregnant. They made the difficult decision to give up their first child for adoption and showed teen parents there are alternative paths that can work out well for everyone.

Sadly, the couple announced their separation in December of last year. Still, they have both mentioned how much they still love each other. Tyler even made a post professing his love for Catelynn, and she also made comments about how much she loves him back, according to E! Online. This bodes well for our favorite Teen Mom couple.

19 This Awesome Pregnancy Pic

This picture was shared online in September 2018 when Catelynn announced she is officially pregnant with her third baby. US Magazine says she calls this her "rainbow baby," referring to a rainbow after the storm.

Not only does Catelynn look adorable, but she chose an amazing red dress and headband. This picture makes a gorgeous announcement without being too showy. You can tell she's proud of where she is in life, and that she and Tyler are happy to have this child.

Plus, the picture looks simple but poised. It shows us that Catelynn is a down-to-earth and relatable mom.

18 This Beautiful Wedding Picture!

Via Pinterest

Catelynn and Tyler got together during middle school and have been there for each other ever since. Many couples of any age would have struggled with just one of the things Catelynn and Tyler have been through. These two eventually became an example for others.

Their beautiful wedding photographs show a tasteful get-together with minimalist style. It's evident they're happy to be together. Tyler and Catelynn got married on August 2015, six years after opening up their relationship and journey to the world. Catelynn looks ecstatic about taking this next step in her life, and this picture shows us she's definitely the perfect wife.

17 Catelynn Enjoys The Great Outdoors

No relationship is complete without spending some quality time in a place with fresh air. Whether it's a hiking trip or a day in the countryside, dates in the great outdoors have the potential to create long-lasting memories with your partner. Not to mention cute social media-worthy photos that will show the world your love.

Now, we're not saying that not enjoying the outdoors makes anyone an imperfect wife. We can see how moments like this have made Catelynn the perfect wife for Tyler. Their chemistry in this picture is so strong, we can tell even the horses they were riding felt it too.

16 But She Also Enjoys A Day With The Girls

This picture of Catelynn is a bit older, but it shows that she is a woman of many facets. Considering how long her relationship with Tyler has lasted, we can admire how much Catelynn has remained comfortable with herself over the years.

An article on the Huffington Post discusses the importance of maintaining your identity when you get married. This is especially true for women. The article talks about the concept of the "disappearing woman,"—the idea that many women give up activities they enjoy once they get married. Catelynn seems to have found the secret to being true to yourself while in a relationship.

15 Catelynn Keeps A Beautiful Home

Catelynn and Tyler made headlines when they revealed their new home. CaféMom shows pictures of the abode, and it's full of many small details that are well-thought out. Though the home's renovations and decorations are a collaboration between the couple, there's no way anyone decorates their home without the boss, er, wife having the final word.

The bathroom, dining area, and Nova's room look great. We've seen Catelynn live in a variety of settings since her first appearance on 16 and Pregnant, but ever since she's been on her own she's added her magic touch to wherever she calls home.

14 She Makes Her Daughter Smile

Of course, we know Tyler does his part to make sure Nova is happy, but Catelynn seems especially adept at making her daughter smile. There's proof all over the internet that Catelynn is always able to make sure her daughter is happy and feels cared for every day.

Catelynn works hard to make sure her daughter has enriching experiences. Though there is a picture of young Nova holding a snake because little girls can be happy and brave at the same time, right? She obviously knows how to make sure Nova is content, and we're sure this has a positive influence on the rest of the household.

13 Catelynn's Made Some Tough Choices

In 2009, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the joint decision to give up their child. They began dating in the seventh grade and their lives changed after Catelynn got pregnant at the age of 16.

According to E! Online, Catelynn initially found the prospect of adoption to be intimidating. Even so, she and Tyler knew they weren't ready to become teen parents.

Many teenagers don't have to deal with this at all, and it's hard for teen couples to stay together after such a life change. Yet Catelynn and Tyler pulled through. This gives her life experience many wives don't have to deal with.

12 Catelynn Enjoys Simple Moments

Via Wet Paint

With her reality TV salary, we can bet Catelynn could spend money on fancy things once in a while. This picture shows a simple family moment, presumably at home.

Most people who become stars probably change a little bit. We may think that they lose their taste for simple moments goes away with time. Not so for Catelynn. Her smile and relaxed pose show us that she's perfectly happy during this family moment.

In an article on Marc and Angel, they discuss the importance of simple practices for happy marriages. It seems Catelynn has some of these down already.

11 She Enjoys Making Family Meals Fun

Some families totally dread eating dinner together. Their relationship may not be so great, or they may all disagree on what to eat on a given evening.

Folks in Catelynn's home seem to be having a good time whenever they share a meal. These everyday moments can be relaxing and fun depending on who takes charge.

Catelynn has truly mastered the art of making family meals pleasant regardless of whether or not the family eats take-out or a home-cooked meal. Yes, we believe husbands should also help with this, but Catelynn has truly stepped up when it comes to keeping the family together.

10 ...Even If She Needs A Little More Sleep

We can't tell where Catelynn was when this picture was taken. But it's clear she's doing what needs to be done to ensure Nova is happy and fed.

Scary Mommy talks about how thankless parenting can be. There are many tasks parents do that aren't seen or appreciated. We can see that Nova is a toddler in this picture and she's too young to understand that mom needs a bit more sleep.

But Catelynn is doing what she needs to do despite the fact that you can tell she could totally use a cup of coffee. Let's take the time to salute all moms who feed their kids while groggy.

9 Catelynn Is Open About PPD

Via TV Guide

Catelynn Lowell has spoken publicly about her struggles with depression and anxiety. The Daily Mail reports that she's been dealing with these issues since she was 21.

Things took a turn when she was 25 and she began struggling with post-partum depression (PPD) after giving birth to her daughter Novalee "Nova" Reign. Catelynn also discussed the stress of dealing with PPD again if she has another child.

PPD came as a surprise to Catelynn because she didn't get it after giving birth to her first child. At least Catelynn is using her platform to start a dialog on something many moms face.

8 Catelynn Is A Pretty Good Interior Decorator

Catelynn Lowell is so good at decorating she's inspired many a Pinterest user. Headlines have been written about her Christmas decorations. One year, she even made sure a toy train was running in the home for Christmas, just to add to the tree's charm.

As this room shows, Catelynn can not only pull off a picture perfect room, but she can also wear an outfit to match it. The touches in her house show us that Catelynn has a fun touch, but knows how to create spaces that are welcoming and authentic to her sense of self. Not many people have this talent.

7 She's Got Her Mom Style Down

Mothers are expected to conform to style rules, but Catelynn has totally made up her own. Though she is usually modestly dressed, she also plays around with fun hair colors and looks.

She has created a variety of fun mom styles that are totally her own. From fun nails to comfortable hoodies, and looks that wow fans on the red carpet, Catelynn isn't afraid to experiment.

Fans have also seen the adorable tattoo she has of her first child's foot, Carly. One thing we can see in her choices is a very Midwestern preference for fashionable, but comfortable clothes.

6 She Knows How To Deal With Tough Things

Via Wet Paint

Like the rest of the cast members on Teen Mom, Catelynn has also had her share of struggles. For starters, she realized she was dealing with mental health issues around age 21 and has spoken out about having debilitating panic attacks.

Though her relationship with Baltierra was considered solid, the couple's rocky road has been well-publicized. There's also the fact that she and Tyler became stepsiblings once their parents got married, and their parents got a divorce in 2013.

This can certainly add difficulties and awkwardness to one's life. So far, Catelynn has been strong and despite any storms she faces.

5 Catelynn's Smile Lights Up People Around Her

Via People

Reality TV is known for its drama, but this picture could make anyone's day. Everyone on Teen Mom has quirks that make us all want to keep watching the show. Catelynn definitely has a smile that lights up any room.

It's impossible to feel bad whenever Catelynn is happy about making peace with something about her past, enjoying a new decoration, or spending time with her family.

According to People magazine, this picture was taken just after Catelynn announced she was pregnant for the third time. Her joy is palpable and contagious, and we're sure viewers felt it across the TV screen.

4 She Exhibits Patience

Getting pregnant as a teen, being a part of several reality TV shows, dealing with your life being an open book, having a second child... you get the picture. Catelynn has accomplished so much over the years and has exhibited patience beyond what many expected.

She's had to deal with many talked-about problems and has done so with an underrated amount of grace. Not only that, she had to worry about not marrying the love of her life when he postponed their wedding once in 2013. She waited an additional two years to actually marry Tyler—and this is after waiting a long time for him to even ask!

3 This:

This is just one of the many adorable moments that occurred during Catelynn's wedding to Tyler. On that lovely day, Catelynn sported a subdued, yet elegant look and her flower girl looks very happy to indulge the bride.

Some people take the time to stage pictures like this, but this moment looks totally sincere here. This just goes to show that Catelynn has had a positive impact on the younger relatives and children she has an influence on and that they're grateful for this.

This is definitely a perfect picture for a lifetime of being Teen Mom's most perfect wife.

2 Catelynn Is Also a Dedicated Auntie

In addition to everything else she has going on, Catelynn is also an auntie. She welcomed her niece Ariella in 2014 according to MTV. She was already pregnant with Nova at the time and mentioned that her niece made her want to meet her baby girl sooner.

Many moms usually have the joy of being the cool auntie, but it's common for one's cool auntie to be a household name for millennials and Gen Z'ers who grew up watching MTV. Looks like Ariella got a cool aunt in Catelynn, and an adorable cousin in Nova, who was born a few months later.

1 She's A Dedicated Mom

Via People

Most people who watch Teen Mom probably know that Catelynn's gave up her daughter Carly in an open adoption agreement. This means Catelynn and Tyler visited their daughter Carly as agreed upon with her adoptive parents.

Catelynn also does everything in her power to make sure Nova is happy and healthy, and it's evident little Nova appreciates this.

Now that she's pregnant with her third child, we know she'll be there for him or her no matter what happens. After all, part of being a perfect wife is dealing with struggles just as Catelynn has, but still thriving under the circumstances.

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