Teen Goes Viral For 'Tweeting' From Smart Fridge After Mom Confiscates All Electronics

As parents, it's our duty to law down the law when kids act in a way that isn't appropriate. For some moms and dads, that could mean a reduction in pocket money and a stern talking to, while others prefer to confiscate tech gadgets. In the nineties, no one would've cried over a taken Tamagotchi, but these days taking away a teen's smartphone is like taking away their contact with the outside world. Parents might think this is a fail-safe plan, but one teen has recently broken the internet by sending a tweet from the LG smart fridge in her kitchen, according to CBS News.

15-year-old Dorothy soon found herself a viral sensation when she tweeted, "I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my mom confiscated all of my electronics again (sic)." To her surprise, the message was sent out to the followers of her Ariana Grande fan account. Initially, after her mom took her phone, Dorothy decided to take to Twitter from her Nintendo DS Switch. Unfortunately for the teen, her mom soon discovered what she was doing and took that too, but not before adding a tweet of her own that read, "I seen that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now (sic)."

Clearly a glutton for punishment, Dorothy sniffed out her Nintendo Wii and started tweeting from that while her mom was at work. The Kentucky native told CBS - via a tweet interview of course - that the situation unfolded when she was cooking rice one night. As she wasn't paying enough attention to the stove, the dish burst into flames. Her mom, trying to teach her to be more aware, took her phone. After relocating her DS and using it to send out a tweet, it wasn't long before mom found it again. The only thing left to use was the fridge, said Dorothy.

The tech-savvy upstart has certainly caused quite a stir, gaining 30,000 followers since the tweet went viral. As of the time of writing, Dorothy still doesn't have her phone back, despite an online Twitter campaign titled #FREEDOROTHY.

Unfortunately, because we're not allowed to have good things, BuzzzFeed has reported that this whole story is likely made up. Well, not the part that a teen had all her electronics taken away, but the part where the teen tweeted using her fridge.

"What these stories failed to note is that it is surprisingly easy to pretend to tweet from basically anywhere by creating your own Twitter source," BuzzFeed writes. "A step-by-step guide posted by one Twitter user and this Reddit post lay out a "fridge" example."

BuzzFeed continues, "A spokesperson for LG confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Wednesday that none of its smart refrigerators have a Twitter app installed." Adding, "there is a web browser on some models, from which a user could hypothetically tweet — but since you're using a web browser, any tweets would state you posted from the web."

So, there we have it. This teen went viral for "tweeting" from her fridge, but it's likely not the whole or full story.

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