Teen Gets Back At 'Homophobic' Mom By Giving Out Her Secret Meatloaf Recipe

We all have that relative that has a special, secret recipe that they won't reveal to anyone (except for a select few) and most likely won't be made by anyone else except for them, until they pass on and the tradition continues. Every family has one. And on the flipside, every family also has that member who is...shall we say...not as progressive as anyone else? The thing is that they rarely keep their opinions to themselves, so there's that added bonus, too.

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The combination of these two things is how we get to today's story: revenge meatloaf.

Yup, it's a thing.

A gay teenager recently shared on both Reddit and Tumblr that they felt rejected by their mother because of their sexual orientation and to get back at her for the not so nice comments and lack of support, they shared her secret meatloaf recipe online. And it's gone viral.

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This meatloaf is not a secret anymore.

The teen shared, “When I was little my mum’s meatloaf was my favorite food. But ONLY her meatloaf. I didn’t like anyone else’s, and she told me that she would teach me how to make it when I was older.”

And apparently that day came.

“And when I was like 19? She finally taught me, but she told me never to tell anyone else and I was like weird but OK. Anyway, she was super f**king homophobic and abusive to me when I told her I was gay, so here’s the recipe.”

And after sharing the recipe, the teen made sure to add, The teen explained: “You can get almost all of these ingredients at the dollar store, and have leftovers if it’s just you. The leftovers make great tacos if (taco seasoning is also like a dollar). Enjoy your revenge loaf.”

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Even funnier though, with the recipe and story going viral, some people even started to make it, and their responses were hilarious.

One person, author Marjorie Ingall revealed on Twitter that she made the recipe, writing: “Last night my LGBT kid told me about Revenge Meatloaf and tonight I made Revenge Meatloaf.”

And not only did she not really like the secret meatloaf recipe, but she added that “it was f**king humungous. bulged out of my biggest loaf pan. and no bread crumbs! it was a MEAT WAD.”

So there you have it. Maybe this whole situation is another reminder that if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Or else, your secrets might be spilled all over the internet.

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