Teacher In Hot Water Over Controversial Homework Assignment

Penn Cambria Middle School

A Cambria County Middle School teacher, in Pennsylvania, called all of the students' parents to apologize for a controversial homework assignment. The assignment was related to Donald Trump's presidency. Some parents thought it crossed the line and that it was not appropriate for school.

Some consider middle school aged students to be old enough to learn about controversial politics, but how much is too much? These kids might understand that the government isn't always perfect, but they are still at a very impressionable age. A number of parents feel teachers shouldn't use the classroom as a political forum.

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The teacher sent home a homework assignment that asked students to imagine themselves as refugees while President Trump was trying to take control of the United States. They were to pack a bag while a parent timed them for ten minutes; envisioning this was the last time they would ever see their homes.

After the ten minutes were up, students were asked to snap a photo of what they had packed and email it to their teacher. The class discussion would begin the following day.

That discussion never happened, because parents were not happy about their kids' homework that night. According to District Superintendent William Marshall, parents and teachers were alerted as soon as it became clear that something was wrong.

Marshall says that the teacher realized the assignment was a big mistake and called each parent individually to apologize. He also stated that the teacher is aware that class should not be used as a political rally.

Middle school is a tricky age group, because the students are beginning to mature, but in some ways, they are still children. At a high school level, it might be a very educational experience. However, middle school might still be a bit too young to delve into controversial politics in the classroom. What is your opinion? Comment down below and let us know.

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