Teach Your Kids To Help With The Dishes Young

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Getting your kids to help with chores from a young age can be very beneficial for the whole family. It's good to get children involved in helping out from a young age so that they learn to be self sufficient as they get older, a skill that will benefit them greatly in the long run. There are many people out there who enter into adulthood without knowing the first thing about cleaning, cooking, or other basic life skills that could easily be introduced in the home. Not having those skills when they enter the "real world" can be a real setback.

Why You Should Teach Your Children To Help With Dishes

Doing dishes is a chore that is simple enough to be tackled by young kids. The earlier you start them with this task, the easier it will be for them to pick it up, making them able to be a functional help in the house.

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According to the American Cleaning Institute, you can take the opportunity of doing dishes to teach them other mealtime cleanup tasks like sorting and separating foodwaste (such as garbage and compost) and loading the dishwasher. Additionally, they mention the importance of teaching your kids about safety when it comes to detergents. While you can always do this step yourself for them, as they get older and understand the hazards they will likely be able to take over this piece.

Ultimately, getting kids involved in housework teaches kids responsibility, and how to take pride in their space. This isn't limited to just doing dishes, kids should be active and involved in doing other household duties such as vacuuming, wiping down counters, and helping out with laundry. Because having mealtimes together is such an important thing, doing the dishes is the perfect opportunity to get kids involved in cleaning.

What Age To Teach Kids To Do The Dishes

As to what age this should happen at, there is no solid answer. Kids as young as the toddler stage may be able to help with things like putting their own unbreakable dishes and utensils in the sink. As they age, their level of responsibility can increase too.

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