10 Tattoos Parents Got For Their Kids

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, but one of the sweetest acts out there is when parents get ink in honor of their children. Some get their names or faces. Some have artwork that was done by their kids put onto their bodies. And some parents’ tats exist because of health conditions, markings, illnesses, and other factors that are seen in their kiddos.

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The 10 examples below all show how far parents will go for their offspring. They all show how beautiful pieces of art can be worn loudly and proudly and for a good cause. And they show how cool and kind these inked people really are.

10 Birthmark

This baby was born with a birthmark on their hand, so this mother got an identical one in permanent ink and in the same spot! Some marks on the body are iconic, like Marilyn Monroe’s mole. Others, due to their size, placement, or coloring or due to how not-so-nice humans can be, can make people feel uncomfortable.

To make sure that never happened, this loving parent showed her child, very early on, that everything was okay and that matching marks are super cool. Plus, since every birthmark is unique, this is a one-of-a-kind design that no one else will have, which makes it an even more amazing tattoo.

9 Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is a device that helps people hear. Whether someone just struggles hearing overall or is deaf, some sounds can be picked up with one of these, as it sits on the ear and is also surgically inserted under the skin.

Since this little girl has a cochlear implant, her dear ol’ dad decided to get one as well! It really pops up against his shaved head, and it is a big and bold way to make his daughter feel comfortable, protected, and loved. Not everyone would make this move, so applaud this man for his ink.

8 Heartbeat

Whether experienced firsthand or seen in the movies, everyone is aware of that special time in an expecting parent’s life. There is a doctor’s appointment with a sonogram that shows off an interesting image of the unborn baby and that allows people to hear the heartbeat.

To memorialize the time she first heard her kid’s heart (a kid who is probably a daughter named Valerie!), this woman got this tattoo right here. It has the name “Valerie,” which leads into a rhythm strip, the red outline of a heart shape, and the date on which it all happened.

7 Tetrasomy 18p

This husband and father got this colorful ink for his daughter. She has Tetrasomy 18p, which is a rare genetic condition that can cause feeding difficulties, intellectual disabilities, and other birth defects.

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Only about 200 people in the world have this, so this another truly amazing move by another great person out there. These parents have had to put in some extra work and money, more than likely, since their daughter has a health condition. But all seems a bit brighter when looking at this man’s amazing artwork on his arm.

6 Insulin Pumps

Many who have diabetes must wear insulin pumps, like this little boy right here. Well, in his case, he is certainly not alone! While there are, yes, other diabetics who also wear these devices, his parents do now, too.

His mom and his dad both got pumps tattooed on their bodies, and they went even further, as words detailing how this family is forever linked together can also be seen. There are lots of things that can strengthen a family bond, but it is hard to think of something that is as beautiful as this.

5 Leg Birthmarks

As mentioned, birthmarks are seen quite often, and there are several parents who have gotten matching marks with their kiddos. Up next is a little girl with several markings on her leg. These red patches stand out, and her parents, like the others on this list, did not want their daughter to feel singled out in any way due to these marks.

That being said, both of her parents got similar birthmarks in the form of tattoos. They spread along their legs and are bright in their coloring, just like the birthmark on their child.

4 Sign Language

For some, the only way to communicate is through sign language, and that is what is being featured next in these matching mother-daughter tats. It is not known which of these three use sign language, or if all three of them use signs to talk to one another, or if they do at all. There could be another sibling at home who is deaf, perhaps.

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Nevertheless, these folks, including another caring parent, got ink that shows off the sign for “I love you” in addition to a heart shape, which is just so pretty!

3 Wheelchair

This symbol, which shows a stick figure in a wheelchair, is used all over as a way to signify things like handicap parking and handicapped restrooms. Its use here is much sweeter than that and is more touching than all of that.

This mother’s only tattoo was gotten in honor of her daughter, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. “Love” is a common word seen when it comes to ink, but this version right here is one of the best ever due to its meaning and originality.

2 Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a third copy of chromosome 21. These parents in this entry have a son with Down Syndrome, who is pictured here, so they decided to get an extra chromosome, too.

Yes, this little mark could look like an “X” or just a contemporary design, but it stands for this disorder, it stands for their son, and it stands as a way to bring awareness and spread love! And how totally amazing is it that just some ink on the body can do all of that and more…?

1 The Lucky Few

Recently, “The Lucky Few” tattoos have been popping up everywhere. These tats look like these right here that are on these parents, with three black arrows, and they also symbolize Down Syndrome.

As mentioned, this disorder involves a third 21st chromosome, hence the three markings in this ink. Points, arrows, and geometric shapes are seen in lots of different tattoos and on lots of different people, but if anyone has seen one like this (with the three arrows together) anytime soon, it may just be another super sweet tribute from a parent to a child.

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