10 Tasteful Tattoo Ideas To Honor Your Child

Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment just like having kids and a lot of people like to honor their children with a tattoo. Though tattoos are not for everyone, the people who do get them want it to be special by putting a lot of time into the tattoo idea.

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But how do you come up with a tasteful way to get a tattoo for your kids? This can be tough since this is something that is going to be on your body forever. So if you are planning on getting a tattoo to honor your kids make sure to keep reading to get some tasteful ideas.

10 Birthmark Art

Sometimes when you get a tattoo it feels so personal that you want it to be just for you. This means you do not care what other people think of your tattoo or how noticeable it is. Getting a tattoo of your child’s birthmarks or specific beauty features is something that you can keep just for yourself.

Tattoos like these feel special too since you know that you have them and everyone else isn’t going to see it. This can be a way for you to honor your kids in a simple yet genius way.

9 Write It Out

When you have a child it changes your world for the better. And watching your little one grows up can be so hard when you feel like they were just a baby yesterday. A tattoo like this is something that can capture a moment in time.

Either it is something that they wrote or something that you helped them write out, a tattoo like this can help you through the tough times when they are teenagers. So capture a moment that you never want to forget and get it as a tattoo.

8 Shot Through The Heart

Arrows are already a popular trend in tattoos right now. So why not jump on the trend, but add your own special twist to it. Get an arrow with their names in it. A Tattoo like this can hold a lot of meaning that you prepared them for life the best you can and once they grow up it is up to them how they direct it.

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Though an arrow can seem like a straightforward design you can talk to your tattooist to add special detailing in it. Book your appointment now to get a tattoo that will honor your kids you will love at any age of your life.

7 You And Me

Getting a detailed portrait of someone as a tattoo can go wrong in so many ways and will cost a lot of money. Instead, opt to get a silhouette of you and your child. And even though it will not have small details this tattoo will age better than a portrait.

This is an adorable design that will sure to make anyone who sees it smiles knowing that you love your kids that much to get something so beautiful done on you. So go for a silhouette of your kids instead so you can honor them correctly.

6 Family Tree

A beautiful way to get a new design on you and honor your child at the same time is to get a family tree tattooed on you. The tree you create with your tattoo artist can be as elegant as you want and the best part if you can add your family in any way.

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This can be from initials carved into the tree or to use their name as one of the branches it is all up to you. So get a statement piece that is beautiful to look at and honor your kids with a family tree.

5 A Date To Remember

People always say that the day that their kids were born was the happiest day of their lives. So if you are stuck thinking about what to get for a tattoo why not get the date of your kid's birth on you?

This is a great way for you to keep them close to you no matter where they go. This is perfect too since your kids can never change the date they were born like they can change their style or even their name if they don’t like it.

4 Lock And Key

A way to celebrate the lives of your child in a tattoo that many people do is just get their kids' names on them and that is it. But that’s been done thousands of times and you want something more.

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A lock and key idea can be your solution when you are thinking of tattoo ideas. Since your heart is the lock the keys can have your children’s names on them worked into that design. This way you are honoring them, but still getting a beautiful artwork done on you too.

3 A Piece Of Art

Kids love arts and crafts and one of the favorite things you can see most kids doing is drawing. There is something about being creative and drawing something that kids love. So a great way to honor your kids is to let them design a tattoo for you.

Though I wouldn't tell them what to draw something specifically to get tattooed on you. We would recommend that you see what they draw and let it speak to you. And trust us, you will find the right piece if you give it time.

2 Zodiac

Sometimes the smallest tattoo designs can mean the most to a person. If you are looking to get a tattoo done for your child, but you do not want it to be tacky think about getting their zodiac sign.

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Zodiac signs are beautiful since they are written in the stars and can actually tell a lot about a person. Even though your child might not have the same zodiac sign as you this is a memento for them to have with you and is something that only your opinion should matter when deciding.

1 Special Coordinates

The day your child was born we can probably remember the weather, the sounds in the hospital, and every other detail since it was such a big event in your life. So a great idea for your tattoo to honor your child is to get the coordinates of the hospital you were at to get on you.

That hospital was where you were during labor and the nurses and doctors helped bring your little one into this world. Celebrate not just your baby with this tattoo but the place and the people who helped you deliver them.

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