10 Tasks Older Kids Can Do For Money

Kids aren’t supposed to have jobs. But they also want to feel a sense of accomplishment beyond doing their homework and helping out with household chores. And parents would probably rather their kids work in some way to earn money to buy things they want (toys, clothing, video games, etc.) then simply buy things for them.

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There are lots of tasks kids can do to raise funds for an upcoming vacation, a toy they really want, savings, or even to donate to a charitable cause. In many cases, these tasks can be done from the comfort of home, or within your neighborhood. And in some cases, these tasks might be in high demand, and as beneficial for someone to hire an older child to do them as it is for the child to earn extra cash. Here 10 tasks that older kids can do for money.

10 Shovel Neighbors’ Driveways

If you live somewhere that has snow during the winter months, lots of people are often looking for kids who are willing to help shovel their driveways after a big snowfall. It might be because they don’t have time to shovel in the morning before going to work, need the driveway clean for when they get home, or maybe they aren't able to do it themselves.

Kids can go door to door before a major snowstorm is projected and ask neighbors if anyone wants their driveway shoveled for a small fee. The kids can get up early in the morning to do it or grab the shovel after they get home from school.

9 Set Up A Lemonade or Other Stand

Sure, lemonade stands are usually reserved for younger kids, as an early way for them to learn the basic concept of business. But there’s no reason that older kids can’t set up a stand of their own to help raise money.

Maybe it isn’t lemonade, but kids can offer up homemade iced tea on a hot summer day, or even made-to-order smoothies using a cooler of frozen fruit and yogurt, and a mini blender. Or they could sell homemade baked goods or even show off some magic tricks.

8 Have a Garage Sale

Kids can go through their old toys, clothing, books, and other items, then ask parents for help to set up a garage sale on the weekend. Make and post signs around the neighborhood, put price tags on things, get a box to use as a cash register, then sit outside and try and sell items to neighbors and passers-by.

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You’d be amazed at how much can be made from a garage sale, especially from items like clothing and books that are in good condition. And kids will get a good lesson in math, business, and sales.

7 Babysitting

If the child is old enough, they can get a babysitting certificate, then offer babysitting services to neighbors, either on an as-needed basis, like Saturday nights when the parents want a night out, weekdays after-school care until the parents get home from work or a combination of both.

Babysitting can be a pretty lucrative source of income for older kids, and it helps parents tremendously since they don’t have to enroll their kids in an expensive after-school care program, and can have a night out every now and then knowing that their child will be at home and in good hands.

6 Offer to Pick Up Leaves

During the Fall, leaves quickly come down from the trees, which can result in a lot of them all over your backyard, front lawn, or driveway. And it can be back-breaking work to pick them all up, especially with properties that have a lot of trees.

Just like with shoveling driveways, kids can visit neighbors and ask if anyone wants their leaves raked and bagged in time for the pick-up day for your street. Many people will be happy to oblige since it saves them the time-consuming and exhausting work and won’t cost a fortune.

5 Help Elderly Neighbours

While kids should do something like this for free, like helping an elderly neighbor bring their grocery bags into the house, clean up their garden, or mow the lawn, chances are the neighbor will insist on paying something, even if it’s just a dollar or two.

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If the person insists on paying with money, this can be another way to make a few dollars, even if it’s only every now. Just make sure the child commits to helping any time they can, whether getting paid or not.

4 Sell Homemade Jewelry and Crafts

Using special kits or household items, creative kids can make their own crafts and jewelry and sell them to friends, family, and neighbors. They can make bracelets and necklaces, ornaments, framed pictures, knitted accessories, clothing, or other items.

This not only helps kids make some money they can save up for something special, but it can also teach them a new skill, or help them improve one, like painting, beading, knitting, or sewing. Neighbors might appreciate a cute knitted hat for a baby, fun friendship bracelets for their young kids, or even cute homemade holiday decorations.

3 Extra Chores

The parents might already be giving the child an allowance in exchange for a set list of weekly chores, like making their bed, drying and putting away dishes, folding laundry, taking out the garbage, and vacuuming. But perhaps the child can ask to do something extra for some additional bucks.

This might be asking to do any of the above noted outdoor chores like shoveling the driveway or raking leaves. Or it could be offering to mop the kitchen floor, re-organize their closet, polish all the silverware, or help paint the deck.

2 Dog Walking or Pet Care

If your neighbors have dogs, they might appreciate your kids' help in walking them. This can be done when they're at work, or at night if they have young children or babies to take care of.

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Some neighbors might hire an older child to pet sit while they are away on vacation, checking on, feeding, and walking the dog. It might not just be dogs, though. Kids can be tasked with popping into the house daily to check on the cat, feed and give it water, and clean out the litter, or simply to feed a pet like a fish. Whatever the pet or reason, pet care can be another way for kids to make some extra dough.

1 Wash Cars

People often take their vehicles through a car wash. Instead of doing that, during the warmer months, offer to wash their cars for them for a small fee. The kids might even want to band together so a few kids can run their own car wash service, where they come to your house and wash your car for you.

Kids can go the extra mile and offer to vacuum the interior of the vehicle as well, something any parents of little kids would appreciate since the car is likely full of junk and crumbs.

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