Target's Halloween Decorations For 2018 Just Dropped

Halloween is one of our absolute favorite times of the year. Right around this point in the summer, we start planning out our decor for the fall, and Halloween obviously plays very heavily into that. We know people start decorating earlier and earlier every year, and we don't even care when it comes to Halloween. School's back in? Excellent, time to bust out the pumpkins (even though it's still like 100 degrees in a lot of places).

If there's one thing we love as much as Halloween, it's Target. And for the last few years, our favorite store has really done some amazing stuff with our favorite holiday. Target's line of Halloween decor, called Hyde and Eek, is full of outstanding decorations year after year. And luckily, we didn't have to wait until fall to get a chance to see (and buy!) them!

This year, Target has three distinct decor themes. Each one follows a different style and color scheme, and there's literally something for everyone. First up, for those of you who like Halloween Lite, Harvest!

Image: Target

Think warm colors, cute woodland creatures, lots of pumpkins, with a decidedly farmhouse vibe. These don't really scream Halloween, but this collection is a great transition between November 1 and ;the day after Thanksgiving, when Christmas decorations go up! Loving the metallics included in this collection, because at least one piece of your decor needs to shine.

For classic, vintage Halloween, you're going to want everything in the Hallows Eve collection.

Image: Target

Hallows Eve is like the Halloweens of yore: simple color scheme (mostly black, orange, and white), with lots of spooky details like crows, rats, skeletons, and potions. Every single one of the apothecary jars in this collection is TO DIE for, and the perfect addition to your witchy mantle.

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We've saved the best for last: the dark, mysterious collection called Dark Wonder.

Image: Target

You guys: everything in this collection is a must-have. The deep purples, the spooky props, the jewels! Lush fabrics like velvet, metallics, plus lots of bling. If you're not sure which way you want to take your decor this year, might we suggest some fancy jeweled mannequins and lots of black cats, with this clock:

Image: Target

IT IS PERFECT. We can all agree that it needs to be in all of our homes, yes? Good. Make it happen, because Halloween is just around the corner!

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