Target Launches New Collection Of Wines All Under $10

Target Corporation has revealed a new line of wines that start at an affordable price. A press release from the company states that the retail giant will soon be offering new wine flavors dubbed simply ‘The Collection’ at just $9.99 a bottle. Each bottle will feature abstract pastel designs that were created by Target’s in-house creative design team.

Target is hoping to make alcoholic beverages available in 90 percent of their stores. As far as the taste, the retailer says that the cabernet sauvignon is dark and dense with black cherry and spice. The red wine features a blend of mocha, caramel, blackberry and dark chocolate flavors while the rose is crisp with strawberry and watermelon tastes. The pinot, meanwhile, is medium-bodied with flavors of honeysuckle, melon, white peach, and nectarine. Another one that will be a sure favorite is the full-bodies chardonnay. It has an aroma similar to freshly baked biscuits with a hint of marshmallow.

In addition to its new collection, Target will also feature a new sauvignon blanc varietal to its California line. At just $5 a bottle, it will come in chardonnay, pinot grigio, Moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend. The retailer’s boxed wine collection, meanwhile, come in Rose Wine and Babbles White Wine flavors at $10.99.

There’s also a gluten and sugar-free Crook & Marker Hard Seltzer line that comes in several different flavors: blackberry lime, strawberry lemon, tangerine and black cherry. They retail at $8.99 for a four pack and $16.99 for an eight pack.

For many moms and wine enthusiasts, this comes as good news. For years many headed to their neighborhood Trader Joe’s location as their go-to grocery store for cheap but quality wines. Now that a similar collection will be available at Target stores, it will give consumers more of a reason to do their ‘Target Run’ so to speak. While there, shoppers can pick up their groceries, new wardrobe items, home wear, and a bottle of wine on the run.

Consumers who are of legal drinking age (and that is above the age of 21 throughout the entire 50 states) can purchase the new line at Target locations nationwide beginning March 3.

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