Target Released A Sensory-Friendly Kids' Furniture Line

In case you needed another reason to love Target, the store that has become a must-shop place for many families has just launched their own line of sensory-friendly children's furniture that is just as affordable as it is adorable.

Target's Pillowfort brand has released a new sensory-friendly kids' line that features furniture and room decor in sensory friendly designs so every child can have a room or space at home where they can feel safe, secure and comfortable. The designs feature seating options that have covers that can be removed and washed and also feature water-resistant liners, and many of the items are made with different fabrics ranging from super soft to crinkly textures that encourage children to touch and play, the Target website states.

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The 20 sensory-friendly products introduced by Pillowfort range in price from $20 to $100 and include floor cushions that kids can sit on, lie on or simply burn off some excess energy with that come in different colors and shapes, a sensory-friendly hideaway tent for when a child wants some privacy, needs some downtime or simply wants to play in a tent, activity rocking chairs for kids who love to still be able to move while sitting and water-resistant bean bag chairs that are cozy and comfy but can also be cleaned in the event of any messes or spills.

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“We want all guests to feel welcome and included at Target,” senior vice president of brand management and product design Julie Guggemos said in a statement. “With our Cat & Jack and Universal Thread adaptive and sensory-friendly apparel, we’ve seen that little details can have a huge impact. I’m so proud to bring that spirit of inclusivity and incredible design to Pillowfort’s new sensory-friendly assortment, which hopefully can bring more ease and joy to our guests’ everyday lives.”

The Pillowfort designs aren't only practical, but fun too. The pineapple sensory floor cushion isn't perfect for just sitting on, but for cuddling with. The bright colors are appealing to anyone, and it features a washable cover and a combination of velvet, satin and crinkle materials that kids can play with and explore.

Credit: Target

“Overall, working on this assortment heightened the team’s awareness and helped them build empathy for the end users,” Guggemos told Fast Company. “They learned that small changes in a product’s design could have a big impact. While it’s just a few pieces in the line, for some families, they’ll make a huge difference.”

Target is already being feted for recognizing the need for sensory-friendly products for its customers with the introduction of their sensory-friendly children's clothing lines, and now with these products under the Pillowfort line it's clear that they are doing what they can to ensure they are inclusive as possible and that they're going to continue to do what they can to continue to sell products that benefit everyone.

“At Target, our purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life,” says Guggemos. “We want all guests to feel welcomed and included through every experience they have with our brand.”

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