Target Is Making Our Christmas Dreams Come True With 25% Off Any Toy Just For Texting

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When you are a parent buying gifts for multiple kids during the holiday season, Target is where it's at. (Even though it's already where it's at during every other day of the year.) Their selection and pricing are pretty much unparalleled by any other retailer, and let's face it - we just feel happy whenever we walk inside those red doors.

Since the holiday season is already in full swing and kids everywhere are writing their letters to Santa, we thought that we would share some pretty epic news with you today to make your life easier.

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With holiday lists seemingly getting more and more expensive, Target has quite literally made parent's everywhere's holiday dreams come true: you can now text "TOY" to Target (827438), and you'll get a coupon delivered instantly to your phone for 25% off one toy, children's book, or craft activity kit. The code will be valid through November 23rd, so you'll want to get shopping soon!

We know: pure joy is filling the hearts of parents everywhere.

If your kiddos haven't given you any hints yet as to what they want to find under the Christmas tree this year, Target released their big Top Toys of the Year 2019 which features twenty-six of their choices for the hottest toys of the year! This list includes a mixture between toys that can also be found other places, and eleven options that are exclusive to Target.

And if we couldn't love Target anymore, this epic retailer is trying to bring back our beloved Toy R Us before the holiday season begins.

So basically, the time to start holiday shopping is now.

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