Target Just Released A Mermaid ICEE, And It's The Best Upgrade

Summer's almost here (hooray!) and with that comes fun seasonal drinks. Who doesn't enjoy the prospect of a drink you may only get to have a few times before it's gone? This new limited edition flavor from ICEE is not just seasonal, but trendy. A mermaid ICEE has been spotted at Target for a limited time. Mermaid is the perfect summer drink, because of course when you think of the beach, you can't help but think of mermaids. And this bright blue slush is the perfect way to stay cool on a hot day. Or rather, fuel a shopping trip.

The mermaid ICEE is the perfect upgrade from last year's unicorn ICEE from Target. Something about mythical creatures just screams summer. Probably the bright colors. As previously mentioned, the mermaid ICEE is a bright blue color. From what we're seeing on social media, it also has some sort of blue and purple sprinkle topping. We're kind of hoping it's some sort of fizzing candy, but sprinkles are fine too. Apparently, before Target, the ICEE was being sold at an amusement park in Indiana. Based on posts from the amusement park, the mermaid ICEE is a mixed berry flavor. It includes strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavors.

Though there hasn't been a formal announcement of the drink, it's pretty much confirmed. In a series of grid posts on the official ICEE Instagram account, they reveal the drink. Floating among a group of tropical fish, the cup is drifting just out of reach of the faceless mermaid. But we do the mermaid's fiery red hair. (Of course she has red hair.) Naturally, the cup is adorned with a colorful mermaid tail. Pink, purple and yellow are the primary colors, which stand out so well against the blue of the drink.

While neither Target or ICEE have given any significant release date information, Instagram account The Impulse Buy shared a pic of the poster. So, it must be coming relatively soon, or maybe it's rolling out slowly. Obviously, this will only be available in Targets with a cafe. So next time you're taking a leisurely stroll through the dollar spot, head over to the cafe! If you don't like it, surely your kids will enjoy the blue sweetness.

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