Target Now Selling Holiday-Themed Matching Family Pajamas

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One of the best things about this time of year is the change in the weather. It is a little sad to have to swap our shorts for sweaters, but the thought of being perpetually cozy is so appealing. Fall/winter pajamas are the best, and honestly we'd probably wear them all the time if it was possible. Target has released their new line of holiday pajamas and not only are they super cozy, they're so cute! The best part is, they're all matching sets, which means everyone (including the dog if you have one) can coordinate. And since it's only October, you can get ahead of Christmas card season!

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For some families, matching pajamas may sound like a bit much, but for those of us families that like to be a little kitschy and silly during the holiday season, these are perfect. And with several different sets, there is definitely something for everyone. And because they're all sold as individual outfits, no matter how big or small your family is, no one will be left out.

The pajamas range in size from an infant one piece, to a toddler two piece, to a kids two piece. There are also women's and men's sizes, including plus sizes. And there is a pet option, lest your pup or cat feel left out, even though they may hate you for it later.

Credit: Target.com

If you like your pajamas to also double as costumes, then you have three choices: the Santa, the Elf or Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer. The Santa set has matching Santa slippers, while the Rudolph set has a hood with the famous reindeer's face on it.

If you're a Christmas movie traditionalist, then you'd probably really enjoy the Peanuts pajamas. Or, if you like your tradition with a little mischief, then go for the Grinch pajamas, featuring our favorite Christmas curmudgeon.

Credit: Target.com

If you're more low key in terms of theme, there are several options that feature classics like plaid, bears and dogs. There is also a set featuring snowflakes, if you're going for something wintery, but not Christmasy. And if you're a family of book lovers who also like to match, there are Harry Potter themed pajamas.

And if you celebrate Hanukkah, you're in luck; there are pajamas for you too! No family left behind.

Credit: Target.com

Now excuse us while we go shopping.

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