Target Is Selling Light-Up Unicorn Skulls Just In Time For Halloween

Some people think mid-August is too early to start thinking about Halloween. Thankfully, we're not those people. Look, we're all about preserving summer and such, but if you wait until October to get into the Halloween spirit, you're doing it wrong. You'll be left with off-brand candy and costumes that don't fit. And if you like to decorate? Good luck. But if you want to be prepared, Target has your back. Their new Halloween 2019 collection has a light-up unicorn skull that is a must have!

Unicorns are really having a moment, and have been for a couple years. But after unicorn ice cream earlier this year, a unicorn skull Halloween decoration seems completely legit. Made for Target's Hyde & EEK! Boutique, the skull actually lights up, in case you need more reasons to buy it.

"This unique Halloween skull decor has the shape of a horse head with an eye-catching detail — a white horn coming out of its forehead. The jaw of the skull opens to reveal a light that changes color and illuminates the horn when it's turned on," reads the description on the Target website. "Whether you place this unicorn skull decoration on a table, windowsill or by your front door to delight ghouls and fiends on Halloween night, it will cast a colorful glow for a fun twist on classic spookiness."

What's best about this whimsical yet creepy piece of decor is that it's made of Polypropylene. Because of this, you can use it inside or outside, which really changes everything. You can easily turn your front yard into a mythical creature graveyard, which is scary but not terrifying. The unicorn skull takes 3 AAA batteries, which you get when you buy it. But if those burn out, AAA batteries are easily replaceable, just pick up some extras when you're in Target.

The light-up unicorn skull isn't the only whimsical spooky piece of decor in the Hyde & EEK! Boutique this year. There is a full body unicorn skeleton, as well as a light-up dragon skull. Both of the light-up, color changing skulls are available for preorder right now and retail for $18. They will be delivered on or shortly after Thursday, August 22nd. The unicorn skeleton isn't available until September 8th.

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