This Target Cookie Cutter Makes 24 Christmas Cookies At Once (& We Need It)

target cookie cutters

It is (almost) the season to be jolly, and that means stores are filling their shelves with festive goodies. Amid the flavored liqueur and turkeys fit for a queen, there are little gems that just scream the season of giving. Christmas can often be a hectic time too, especially if you're busy trying to feed an entire family and it's just you in the kitchen. As much as kids love to try and help, they usually end up licking the bowls and leaving more chaos in their wake. Have you ever tried baking cookies with your little ones over the holidays only to vow never again? Well, Target may have you eating your words - and your seasonal goodies - with this cookie-cutter sent from St. Nick himself.

Gone are the days when you would tirelessly press out each individual star-shaped cookie. It's enough to give a gal an RSI, but in the name of Christmas cheer, we've all done it. Now, this piece of carefully constructed metal can cut out 24 shapes in one fell swoop. That way, all you have to do is roll out the dough (or gingerbread, we're not fussy) and do one singular cut.

target cookie cutter
Credit: Target

Boom, there's two dozen cookies ready to go into the oven and all of a sudden, your afternoon just got a whole lot better. Set the timer, pour a glass of merlot, and kick your feet up in front of the TV. Everyone is a winner.

This little kitchen gadget is only $14.99, meaning you get one heck of a bang for your buck. It's a bargain that isn't just a time-saving sensation, but one that will make baking with the kids something you look forward to. Not that we don't already, but let's face it, the kitchen is busy enough this time of year! Joanna Gaines is the mastermind behind this creation which comes from her Heart & Hand with Magnolia line at Target. Gaines has also been busy cooking up some other inventions, like these cookie stamps that mean you don't even have to roll the dough if you don't want to.

Eating delicious treats has never been so inviting.

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