Target Is Having Their Annual One-Day-Only Gift Card Sale

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Start the car and get yourself to Target this Sunday, December 2 because Target has just announced their annual 1-day gift card sale and you're not going to want to miss it! There are a million reasons why any busy mom loves Target, but being able to save an additional 10% is definitely up there in the top 5.

Target is a one stop shop for moms because they offer items for the entire family ranging from clothes, beauty supplies, groceries, movies, games, toys, pet supplies and anything else you can think of. That's why their annual 1-day gift card sale is so amazing.

This Sunday, December 2 only, you can save 10% on all Target gift card purchases you make in store or online. That means that if you don't want to brave the crowds this weekend you can still order yourself a gift card online at Target.com and have it delivered to you. You don't need a coupon or a code because the discount will be automatically applied. How amazing is that?

Even if you don't want to gift those gift cards to people on your list, it's the perfect time to buy them for yourself so you can save that 10% on your own shopping orders. You can begin to redeem those gift cards as soon as Monday, December 3, but there is a limit of maximum $300 in Target gift cards per household. Still, that's a savings of $30 that will go a long way when it comes down to buying stocking stuffers, or a gift for someone special on your list, or just a something fun for yourself.

Not only is Target bringing back their 1-day gift card sale, but they're also bringing back their 'Weekend Deals' that were so popular last year. Since Saturday and Sunday are the store's busiest days, the store will be offering shoppers special deals leading up to the holidays. Every Wednesday Target will list their weekend deals so you can plan your weekend holiday shopping trip accordingly.

Thanks to order pick up and drive up as well as their new free 2-day shipping, Target is making it even easier for busy parents to get their holiday shopping done.  And with only a few weeks to go until the big day, parents can use all the help they can get!

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