Target Expands Toy Departments To Fill Void Left By Toys ‘R’ US

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Leave it to Target to always come to the rescue. There’s a new report that says every mom’s favorite go-to department store is looking to expand their toy section. The reason? They want to help fill the void that was left by Toys R Us after the retail giant sadly closed their doors nationwide earlier this year.

Because Target knows their customer well (we do spend a lot of time in there, after all), they are looking to make the toy-buying experience a pleasant one for both parents and kids. In other words, they want to make sure that kids not only have a huge selection to choose from, but that they will also buy exactly what they were looking for.

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According to Fatherly, some Target stores will even get an activity wall so that kids can test the toys out before taking them to the cash register to buy. Apparently, Target is looking to dedicate a quarter of a million square feet of permanent – and not seasonal – to a new toy section in 500 of their 2,000 stores nationwide. If that weren’t enough, customers can also expect the toy section to get a new makeover with a fresh layout, different signage, and massive new designs. And because Target really loves us so much, they will also be hosting 25,000 “hours of joy” events across this year. And just to think, the holiday season hasn’t even officially started yet.

Once the toy section are in place, Target plans on doubling their selection. That means consumers will be getting to see a double amount of toys – both exclusive and nonexclusive – on store shelves. In other words, both Hanukkah and Christmas are going to be holidays to remember this year. We are getting excited already!

Meanwhile, some reports have indicated that Toys R Us might be making a comeback. But until then, we at least know that we have Target to count on for our grocery run, our everyday needs, and of course, toys for our kids. Whereas Toys R Us was a place where kids could be a kid, let’s face it: Target is a place where a mom can be a mom.

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