Target Has A New Disney Clothing Line For Women

Back in the day, Disney was strictly for kids. Not the parks, exactly. Those are for everyone and honestly going to Disneyland or Disney World as a grown-up without any kids in tow is probably one of the funnest things you can do. But Disney merchandise? Clothing, accessories, etc? If you saw an adult walking around wearing a Minnie shirt and carrying a Disney Princess backpack, you probably would have given them the side-eye. Not anymore! If you grew up on Disney shows, vacations, and such, then you carry that love and obsession with you for life. Maybe you were smart enough to save some of your parents' old Disney tees, in which case you win because the only thing better than Disney is vintage Disney. But if you need some cool Disney gear designed for adults, then Target has your back. Their new line of Disney clothing for grown-ups is vintage-inspired, and will make you feel like a kid again.

We absolutely love what Disney's been doing lately, with all the Pixar and superhero stuff. But there's nothing like the Disney of our childhoods. Just think about it - we got The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin. We truly are the Greatest Generation! Target has really brought our childhoods back with their vintage Disney clothing and we love it all.

Image: Target

This cute Mickey Mouse print tee in heather gray is the perfect shirt to rock at one of the parks or preschool drop-off or whatever. Wear it all the time. It's covered in Mickey! You can't go wrong.

Image: Target

With the live-action version of The Lion King coming out soon, you're going to need something to wear to the theater when you see it on opening day (we know you will). Pay homage to the original gang with this super cute Hakuna Matata tee.

Image: Target

Maybe you're a fan of classic Disney, which is a good thing to be a fan of! It doesn't get much more classic than Dumbo, and this vintage Dumbo tank is perfect.

Image: Target

Of course, you can't have a line of Disney clothing for grown-ups without a little something with our forever princess, Ariel. The Little Mermaid is our jam, and we are going to be rocking this long-sleeve tee all year.

Target's line of Disney clothing for adults proves two things: one, you're never too old to show your Disney love. And two, Target really and truly gets us.

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