Target Is Helping To Bring Toys "R" Us Back

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It's hard to believe that we're fast approaching the holiday season. Some people (the ones really on top of things) are already prepping for Christmas shopping. We know, we're not that together either. But if you're gearing up for holiday toy shopping, there's some great news. Toys R Us is coming back! And it's all thanks to our favorite store, Target!

The bullseye store is helping the former toy giant get back on their feet following their bankruptcy. Target is partnering with Toys R Us' parent company TRU Kids to bring back an online store. Having an online presence is the first step in relauching brick and mortar stores across the United States. Plus it's beneficial to Target, as it will help them expand their already large toy business.

So if you visit the Toys R Us website to buy your kids the newest Paw Patrol or LOL Surprise toys, you'll be redirected to Target's website for purchase. As of right now, there's not too much information about the business end of the deal. But TRU Kids knows that Target is their best hope for reentry. Richard Barry, the CEO of TRU Kids and former chief merchandising officer for Toys R Us explains that the company chose to partner with Target because of their "understanding of the [toy] category.”

“What inspired me about Target was their investment in the category,” he said.

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Barry explained that the new website won't solely be for purchasing toys. TRU Kids is looking to use toyrus.com as a portal for parents and kids. There will be resources on the site including product reviews and "best of'" lists for browsing. Plus, they will have videos and other materials for kids as well. “We have completely reimagined [the website] ... to a site which is immersive and heavily content oriented,” Barry says.

And since the holidays are coming, they want parents and kids to begin using the site to create their gift lists. Barry explains that from the launch of the site, they want to "make the site very relevant for consumers this holiday season ... with a big focus on the products we think will be magic this year.”

Partnering with Target is just the first in many exciting new partnerships Toys R Us has in order to bring back their brand. As of right now, there are plans for 10 stores to open in the U.S. in 2020. And the stores will also use Target as their online store. Looks like holiday shopping just got even easier!

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