Target Is Adding Disney Shops Inside Select Stores

For many of us, Target is like Disney World. It has a little bit of everything, you could be there for hours, and it's family friendly. If only there was a way to bring together Target and Disney World. Well, it's actually happening. That's right, Target and Disney are about to come together in a very big way there will be Disney Stores inside of select Target locations.

The collab between the two giants arrives on October 4th. And it's exactly what you're thinking. So not only can you waste time walking the aisles of Target, now you can add the Disney Store to that. It's actually pretty brilliant on the part of the stores. Especially because there aren't a million brick and mortar Disney Stores, this will give more people access to get their hands on their favorite Disney gear. Each Disney Store will be approximately 750 square feet, conveniently located near the children and baby sections.

Of course, even though this is awesome, there is a downside. The initial rollout will only be in 25 stores. But! Plans are underway to add an additional 40 stores by October 2020. So, you may not have to wait forever, just a year. And yes, 65 stores still isn't that many when you think about how many Targets exist in the country. But there's a chance that if they seem to be popular and profitable, more could be added in the future.

"Disney and Target share a common vision to provide our guests and consumers with innovative and unique experiences, and high quality product," says the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products. Bob Chapek via news release.

"Our products help fans and families live the magic wherever and whenever they want. And we know the way consumers shop for those products is changing—so we're making the magic easier to access than ever before through this collaboration that will bring Disney store magic to Target stores," he adds.

Any Target collab is exciting, but this one is extra exciting. In addition to your traditional Disney merch, the stores will have Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars merchandise as well. Now this is an excellent way to get the kids to behave while they're in Target!

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