10 Thanksgiving Snacks For Children

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving is all about the food, and all about how much food you can actually eat. However, Thanksgiving can be a little difficult for young kids, who sometimes find "grown-up"...

10 Cool Celebrity Family Holiday Traditions

When the holidays roll around, celebrities are just like us (believe it or not). They start decorating once November hits, holiday hits are playing around the house non-stop, and family traditions are passed down to their children.

10 Best Thanksgiving Vegetarian Meals

Let's face it, Thanksgiving is mostly about the food. Yes, while Thanksgiving might be a national holiday and a time where we give thanks for everyone and everything in our lives, it is really about the amount of food we can pack away.

10 Ways To Involve The Kids In Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks. We're thankful for the roof over our heads, the friends and family in our lives, and for our good health. It's a time to be surrounded by loved ones and a whole lot of traditional Thanksgiving food.

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