T.I.’s Daughter Unfollows Him On Social Media After His Public Comments

Within the last week, T.I has given us more information about his daughter than we ever cared to know. The rapper appeared on a podcast, Ladies Like Us, and he revealed something shocking. He revealed that he escorts his daughter to her yearly visit to the gynecologist. This was nothing as simple as giving her a ride and waiting in the car for her to be done. It went much further than that.

T.I escorts his daughter because he insists that the doctor check his daughter, Deyjah’s, hymen. He wants to make sure that it is still intact. For anyone that does not know, there are those who believe a woman’s hymen is broken when she participates in intercourse. That it is his way of finding out if she is still a virgin. This is medically not true, and there is no way for a doctor to decisively find out if a woman has had intercourse.

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While this may seem odd because a doctor is bound by a privacy order which does not allow them to give out information without the patients consent. However, T.I also stated that he would coerce his daughter into giving that permission.

After this happened, the predictability ensued, the internet went absolutely crazy with thoughts and opinions on this behavior. The majority of people found this weird, controlling, gross and abusive and that T.I had no right to that information, nor did he have a right to share it to the public.

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It is possible that no one was more embarrassed than Deyjah herself. She was very active on Twitter and was ‘liking’ comments that referred to her father’s actions as “disgusting” and “possessive.” She has even taken it a step further and has now unfollowed him and other family members on Twitter and Instagram.

Now, there is probably a lot going on behind the scenes that we do not know about, but Deyjah is being applauded for finding her voice and sticking up for herself. Deyjah is, after all, a young college freshman and all the entire internet has been talking about is her reproductive system. Something that is supposed to be incredibly private.

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