T.I.'s Comments About His Daughter Lead New York To Attempt To Ban 'Virginity Tests'

Last month, rapper T.I. caused so much controversy whenever he shared on a podcast that he takes his daughter, Deyjah to get her hymen checked during a yearly checkup - where he is in the room. He does this, as he said, to make sure that she is still a virgin (which is none of his business to begin with). We can only imagine how embarrassed poor Deyjah was being at the epicenter of this really personal information he shared and it definitely caused some problems within their family. So much so the she unfollowed him on twitter.

Ouch. But he very much deserved it.

T.I. with his daughter Deyjah
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Due to the virality of this story, New York State legislators have taken notice (thank goodness) and are attempting to outlaw “virginity tests” by gynecologists across the state of New York.

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This is not a drill. This is really happening.

This exam, the one that T.I. says he has done on his daughter is called a  “purity exam” or “virginity test.” This means that the doctor checks to see if a woman’s hymen is still intact, supposedly indicating virginity - even though it really doesn't. Nope. This exam is problematic for quite a few reasons such as the hymen being able to tear for many reason (like riding a bike and putting in a tampon) and there is not any medical reasons for this exam to ever be done. Then of course, virginity is a social construct  and means different things to different people.

For years, ethicists have cautioned doctors against doing said “exam,” a few New York State legislators want to outlaw the practice altogether and we are here for it.

Here's how it works: several New York state senators and assembly members have sponsored a bill called the New York Senate bill, S6879 This asks that from now on we will  “forbid the performance of a hymen exam on women as a means to ascertain whether a woman is a virgin” on the basis that “the term ‘virginity’ is not a medical or scientific term. Rather, the concept of ‘virginity’ is a social, cultural and religious construct — one that reflects gender discrimination against women and girls.”

If this bill is passed (fingers crossed), any doctor moving forward that would perform this type of purity or virginity exam, would be charged with professional misconduct and possibly even sexual assault charges. If New York state succeeds in outlawing this insane practice, the rest of the country could follow suit.

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