T.I.'s Daughter Responds To Comments About Her Father's Intrusive "Virginity Checks" (& She Is NOT Happy)

When T.I. announced recently that he accompanies his daughter, Deyjah, to her annual gynecology appointments to make sure that her hymen is intact, most people assumed that he was joking. But when the rapper went on to proudly boast on the podcast "Life Hacks" that Deyjah, who is 18 and starting her first year of college, is still a virgin, people knew that he was absolutely serious and were...well kind of grossed out. The rapper probably convinced himself that he was doing what a good overprotective dad should do, but most people who learned what he was doing thought he was just being possessive and controlling.

There might be a few people that applauded him but most of us found the whole scenario, including the casual way that he talked about it a little creepy. It felt like a throwback to archaic days past when women were inspected before marriage to make sure they'd saved all of their goodies for their husbands. T.I., with highly sexualized songs like "Private Show" and "Let's Get Away" also seemed to most like a hypocrite. He even contradicted himself in the interview by joking about how no one wants a virgin because they're too much work, right after bragging about his daughter's virginity.

When T.I. put all of his daughter's private business out in the streets, we were made to believe that Deyjah was completely on board with this odd father/daughter ritual and in some ways, she was thankful to her dad for making sure she stays on the straight and narrow but her actions makes us think otherwise.

Since T.I.'s revelation, Deyja has remained silent, which is no surprise since the poor girl has probably been scarred from years of having her dad violate her privacy and then mortified to have her sexual life broadcast to the world. She did, however, recently break her silence on Twitter after receiving tons of encouragement from her social media followers telling her that she should let people know how she really feels.

Deyjah hasn't released an official statement yet, but she did make one step in the right direction by liking tweets that expressed disgust with her father's actions and telling her followers, "i loveeeeeee yalllllll."

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