What To Do About Swollen Feet In Pregnancy

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Oh man. There was a lot of bad stuff on the internet last week, but nothing gave us the heebie jeebies quite like the photo Jessica Simpson shared. If you're not aware, Jessica is pretty pregnant with her third child with husband Eric Johnson. It's a girl, so yay! Jess and Eric have two other kids together, daughter Maxwell and son Ace. Now, she's kept a pretty low profile since announcing her pregnancy, which we support 100%. Carrying a human is hard work, and girl needs to just relax and focus on feeling good! So when she shared a picture of her feet, of all things, we were a little surprised. And horrified? And also so incredibly sympathetic because WE HAVE BEEN THERE, JESSICA. Mothers and pregnant women around the world saw that picture and nodded their heads because it is a thing we are all too familiar with.

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Any remedies?! Help!!!!

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Like ... girl. GIRL. Honey. We want to rub them for you, good gravy. Swollen feet in pregnancy is incredibly common, but it can also be a bit alarming and really, really uncomfortable. People who were casually scrolling through their Instagram feed probably happened upon this picture and recoiled in fear. Unless, of course, they've been pregnant. Then they just signed and maybe flashed back to their own elephant feet. We love our kids, but we really could have done without that particular pregnancy side effect.

As horrible as it looks, like we said, it's really common. The swelling is known as edema, and it can actually effect different parts of your body, too. It usually starts late in the second trimester, and can last a few weeks into your postpartum recovery. It effects nearly 3/4 of pregnant women, so trust us when we say that you are not alone, Jessica! During pregnancy, your bodily fluids increase and accumulate in your tissues because of the increased blood flow and pressure on your pelvic veins. It's generally not serious, but you should check in with your doctor if your swelling is sudden and severe, or if you experience severe swelling in your face and hands. To help combat swelling, try to rest with your feet elevated as much as possible, cut down on salt and drink plenty of water, get plenty of light exercise, and avoid really tight shoes, tights and leggings. Godspeed, Jessica!

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