Most Parents Would Choose Childcare Over Higher Pay

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Whenever you work a full time job and find out that you are pregnant, the high cost of childcare is one of the biggest worries that you are faced with. While every state differs in their averages costs, there is one thing for sure that everyone can relate to: the cost are high and in most cases, pretty crippling to factor into your new baby budget.

As your pregnancy progresses, you probably start to look into things like maternity leave, flexibility in your day, and perhaps even negotiating a bigger paycheck. On this subject matter, a recent study published in that Parenting Confidence Report surveying 1,000 parents in the U.S. with kids ages 12 and younger. The survey was conducted by the Harris Poll in March 2019 and commissioned by KinderCare Education.

They shared that even more than bigger paychecks, parents are yearning for the confidence that they would gain if their employers offered childcare.

It all comes down to this: 67 percent of parents who participated in the survey shared that they are searching for employers to offset the cost of childcare. Furthermore, 55 percent said they would settle for a smaller salary if it meant their company would offer quality childcare. For moms, that number rose to 59 percent, and among single parents, 62 percent.

We think we can all relate to the feelings that raising children is more expensive and stressful now than ever. When it comes to working environments, less than one third of moms and dads said they felt very confident on a daily basis, and 70 percent said it's harder to raise a kid today than a decade ago. Beyond that, the same parents felt that they lacked the "fundamental support systems" they need to be successful.

Overall, there is no denying that quality and affordable childcare is hard to come by. It's something that all parents struggle with whether you work a full time job, part time job or even need a babysitter for the occasional date night. It's hard putting your trust into someone you don't know very well whenever a relative or close friend isn't around to help and anytime that experience brings you any ounce of uneasiness, your confidence can suffer tremendously.

For most parents who work full time, they have to push those feelings aside and get to work (because...money). If employers were able to shift their thinking and help working parents by footing the bill for quality child care, the return on investment would definitely be worth it.

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