Surprise! Play-Doh Wasn't Intended To Be A Children's Toy

The many uses of Play-doh, make it a favorite of not only kids but for parents too. Play-doh is fun to mold and can help your little ones to use their imaginations. Inspiring creativity isn't all that it does though and experts have cited many other benefits as well. It's believed that Play-doh can help to increase fine motor skill development in children, have a calming effect on them, help develop better hand and eye coordination and increase curiosity in children. As much of a joy as it is at playtime, you may find it interesting to know that this favorite kid past time that parents love for keeping kids entertained for hours for the smallest of dollar amounts wasn't initially designed to be played with.

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The doughy substance was first made in the 1930s and was meant to be used as a wallpaper cleaner. It was created exclusively for the grocery store Kroger as a product for customers who were on the lookout for a substance that could remove the soot left by the coal-burning heaters off of their walls. The mushy substance had a cleaning product in it that made it perfect for the dirty job.

As the years passed, technology evolved. Customers switched to burning oil and gas instead of charcoal and realized that soap and water worked just fine for the task of cleaning dirty walls. The demand for this version of Play-doh decreased as a result.

Image by Joao Cachapa from Pixabay

With sales decreasing, the inventors, Cleo and Noah McVicker realized that they needed to reinvent their product to prevent them from going out of business. A little research by them revealed that teachers had started to use their product as something that kids could play with.

Seeing an amazing opportunity and seizing it, the two brothers went back to the drawing board and revamped their marketing campaign to target this niche. They started to market Play-doh as a kid-friendly tool and by the mid-60s, Play-doh was a massive hit in schools, in homes and available for sale in stores as well...in more than the color white!

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