A ‘Women-Only’ Island Exists, And It’s The Vacation We All Need

super she island vacation

If you’re a mom, then you’ve likely had sweet visions of escaping the screaming kids and demanding partner, and taking off with your girlfriends to a destination unknown. You’ve dreamt of a women-only retreat where you can relax with your BFFs with no testosterone in sight.

Ladies, pack your bags!

Now you can spend a week on SuperShe Island, a “not-so-secret society of women who share a thirst for living an exceptional life” off the coast of Finland.

SuperShe Island is a place for ambitious women to network while experiencing a “vacation on steroids”, says Kristina Roth, the resort’s German-American founder. Men are strictly banned. The island is made up of “activists, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, philosophers, scientists, and more,” to bring women together.

“SuperShe Island works to connect women from all over the world with different backgrounds to inspire each other,” Roth said.

Women can fly in on a private helicopter from Helsinki, skinny-dip in the Baltic Sea and dine off a low-cal menu.

This 8.4 acre 10 person island is home to 4 newly renovated cabins, equipped with spa amenities, Finnish saunas, and facilities.

Whether you are seeking a retreat or traveling solo, SuperShe Island has something to offer every woman. Daily wellness activities led by fellow SuperShe’s such as yoga, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, fitness classes, nature activities, and so much more.

“Women need to spend time with other women. Being on vacation with men can cause women to become sidetracked, whether it’s to put on a swipe of lipstick or grab for a cover-up,” says Founder of SuperShe, Kristina Roth.

“We want SuperShe Island to be rejuvenating and a safe space where women can reinvent themselves and their desires. A place where you can re-calibrate without distractions.”

There is a caveat; you have to apply for a membership so you can’t just hop on a plane and go. of the approximately 7,000 women that applied, only about 140 were selected by Roth herself. Also important to note that the cost for a week will run you anywhere from $4300-$7,500.

Will the island ever be open to men? Despite the current exclusion, Roth has said she “loves men” and may be open to male guests in the future.

But for now, all girlfriends celebrate!

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