Supernanny Jo Frost Returning With New Season Of Her Hit Parenting Show


She's baaacckk! It's been eight years since Supernanny Jo Frost was last seen on television giving exasperated parents all the advice they needed to better parent their kids, but now she's coming back! Lifetime recently announced that they will be bringing 20 all-new episodes of the hit show back and parents are very excited!

The new series was introduced in a teaser trailer based on the Taken movies starring Liam Neeson. Frost is seen in the back of a black SUV as it drives through a suburban neighborhood as she receives a phone call advising her that “the subject has taken matters into his own hands.” Frost then gives her best Neeson impression saying "I’m here because I have a specific set of skills,” before adding, “skills that I have perfected throughout my entire career.”

The camera alternates between shots of Frost as she drives in the SUV, the surrounding neighborhood and the living space of a home that looks trashed. Frost arrives at the home, walking through the front door to find the place a disaster. “If you listen to me now, this whole situation may turn out different for you,” she says on the phone as she approaches the house and walks through the front door. At this point, she spots someone sitting on a chair and approaches them. “But if you don’t, I will fix that,” she says before the camera pans to a young girl. “Good luck,” the youth answers as she fixes Frost with a glare.

The show is set to premiere on Lifetime on January 1 at 10 pm and Frost tells PEOPLE that she's excited to be back. “I’m looking forward to families across America having access to my parental education surrounding their family challenges, as this country/government is short on providing the resources, staff and funding families so desperately need in society,” she says.

Frost also added that thanks to social media and less support for parents, her tactics have changed and she feels that parents will really benefit from her advice. “The U.S.A. has changed, it is hurting, families are struggling more, families are less confident then ever,” she adds. “The style of the show, the family issues are also over a wider spectrum and cover many different global issues…internet has changed much.”

It's clear that Frost's Supernanny has been missed, with the parenting expert explaining that thanks to the internet people have been watching older shows. She said she still has people approach her to thank her for helping them. “There is a whole new young generation of children who have been watching my shows with their families on social media, and when I travel across the country, these young kids are thanking me,” she says. “It is very touching for me and always makes me tear up.”

Will you be tuning in to Lifetime on January 1 to watch this latest season of Supernanny?

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