The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' Is Coming Soon, So Watch Out

super blood wolf moon

Lunar phenomenons are always fun to follow. Well, it's part fun, and part necessary, since we want to stay up to speed on when and how our kids are going to completely lose their minds. Last year, we had the Supermoon, which if saw any pictures of or were lucky enough to see in person, was amazing. Now that we're at the start of a new year, we have plenty to look forward to when it comes to the moon. But apparently the sky is going to pull out all its big guns right up front and wow us with something called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Yes, that's really what it's called. And no, you are NOT going to want to miss this one.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon will occur on January 20 and 21, and will be visible from the US, South America, Greenland, Iceland, West Africa, and Western Europe. It's the first full moon of the year, and also happens to be a total lunar eclipse (where the moon completely eclipses the sun). It will also happen to be blood red, hence the name. But not to worry: the Super Blood Wolf Moon isn't going to summon a bunch of werewolves (we hope?!).

It got its name from Native Americans who said that it used to appear when wolves howled outside of villages. Some folks believe that new and full moons hearken some pretty weird behavior, and many superstitions say that earthquakes happen when the moon does its thing. But there's no actual correlation between new and full moons, or even blood moons, and natural disasters. We can't guarantee they won't make your kids wild out, though.

Definitely try to catch a glimpse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon, because it sounds awesome. But if you miss it, don't worry! There are three more eclipse events happening in 2019. A total solar eclipse is going down on July 2, followed by a partial lunar eclipse on July 16. And the day after Christmas, December 26, we'll get to see a annular solar eclipse. Mark your calendars, you won't want to miss any of these!

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