Summer Activities: 10 Tips To Get Your Kid Involved With Gardening

Gardening is a perfect summer hobby. You are outside, relaxing, focusing on making your yard beautiful and planning food your family can eat... there is no wonder why you want to get your kids involved with it. But getting them involved is easier said than done.

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You need to find a way to get your little ones excited and looking forward to gardening with you. Since this is a skill they can use for life, it could prove to be one of your favorite summer activities. Keep reading to discover ten tips to get your kids involved with gardening this summer.

10 Read The Kids A Book About Gardening To Get Them Excited

If you want to get your little ones involved with gardening then you need to get them excited about the task at hand. One way of getting them excited is to read your children different kids' books about gardening.

These books do not have to be all fact-based, but can be fun fiction picture books that will make them laugh and want to grow plants just like the main character. So, let your kids explore fun fictional worlds of growing plants in kids' books before you take them outside to grow their own plants.

9 Take A Trip To Your Local Nursery Or Farm

Field trips are not just for when your kids are in school, and one thing that will make your kids want to get involved with gardening is taking them to a farm or nursery. By taking them to a farm they will be able to see how big their plants can grow, and let them pretend all summer long that they are a farmer as they take care of the garden.

When you take them to the farm or nursery, it is a great way to have your little ones talk to professionals who garden every day, to give your kids new information on what they are going to be doing!

8 Create a Growth Chart

Just as you track how big your kids are getting on the walls of your house, create a chart for your kids can track the growth of the plants. Start all the way with seeds, then the first pop of a bud, as you continue to let them track how big their plants are getting.

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Using a growth chart is a great way to get kids involved with gardening, as they are rushing to get you out the door to look at their plant's growth every day. You can even take pictures and print them out to add to the chart so your little ones can get even more excited about the process.

7 Have A Fun Competition

What child doesn’t love a friendly competition with their siblings? Making a fun competition for your kids to see who could grow the biggest vegetable will make them excited to go outside every day to water their plants. This competition will take all summer long until the veggies are done growing!

But once the day comes to either measure how long they are or weigh how big they are, your kids are surely going to have a blast picking out their best veggie. So, bring in the spirit of a friendly competition to get your kids involved with gardening.

6 Plant Lots Of Colors

Kids are visual creatures. They learn by seeing and love anything that has bright colors. This is why, if you are planting flowers, you need to get an array of colorful flowers that will get your little ones excited and want to get involved with planting them.

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Even if you are planting veggies in your garden, don’t just go with all the veggies that are green. Add some pops of colors with tomatoes and red, yellow or orange bell peppers. Add colors to your garden and your little ones are sure to want to get involved.

5 Plant Easy-To-Grow Flowers and Plants

One of the most discouraging things that can happen to your kids when they are trying to garden is that nothing grows and everything dies. This will surely put a sour taste in your little one's mouth, making them not want to garden again.

So, make sure you take the time to pick out easy-to-grow flowers and plants. Of course, you can add a few harder ones here and there, but start off easy and throughout the years you can add more challenging plants and flowers to the garden.

4 Get Them Involved In Every Step Of The Process

If you truly want to get your little one involved with gardening than you need to let them be a part of the whole process. Let them come to the nursery with you as you pick out the flowers and plants you want to grow, have them help you pick out the area in the yard you are placing them in, and of course, let them plant and water the seeds and flowers you end up planting.

Kids love feeling accomplished, so allowing them to participate in every step is going to put a huge smile on their faces when things start to grow.

3 Let Them Explore

Kids are naturally curious. They want to know about the world around them, from the sun to the little ants in the dirt. So, if you let your kids explore while you are gardening, you are sure to get your little one excited about that activity.

Though your idea of fun might not be playing with the worms and bugs they find, your kids will be thrilled when they see tiny creatures that live in the ground. Take the time to let your kids explore and learn when they are out gardening!

2 Get Them Their Own Tools

If you want to get your kids involved with gardening, you need to get them their own tools. We are not talking about the same tools you use when you garden, we mean children's gardening tools that will actually fit into their hands.

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Once your kids have their own tools, they are going to feel special and want to help out. They are going to want to use the tools you got them and spend time with you outside. So look online for some kid-sized tools so your little one can get involved.

1 Let Them Get Their Hands Dirty

The best way to get your kids involved with gardening is to literally let them get their hands dirty. Gardening involves digging, moving rocks and pebbles, laying out mulch and more, and if you are the one doing all of that work, your kids are going to get bored really quickly. Y

ou need to let them use their hands to help you with these simple tasks to get them excited. Think back to when you were their age and how much fun you had playing in the dirt and sand. So, let them get dirty while you're gardening together!

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