There's A Secret Target App, But It's Super-Exclusive And Requires An Invite

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There’s a new secret Target app, but unfortunately it’s not available for all Target shoppers. That’s because it’s not only super exclusive, but it also requires a special invitation for use.

According to Business Insider, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based retailer has a special app called Studio Connect that brings product designers and customers together in order to generate feedback on certain products while they are still in the process of creating them. But here’s the catch: only 0.002 percent of Target shoppers have access to the app, meaning it’s only available to an exclusive number of customers.

Up until now, Studio Connect has enjoyed a relatively low profile, with just 600 members. The users can check out and even sometimes try products before they arrive in stores. Even though they aren’t paid for participating, they can earn points that go toward discounts and gift cards. After designers pose their questions, customers who use the app can enter responses, with most questions garnering around 40 to 50 answers in about 24 hours.

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This year, designers used the Studio Connect app to crowd source slogans for Mother’s Day shirts; they received around 50 responses within a day featuring recurring themes that will be used to design shirts for next year.The app also connects with kids, who can submit drawings of patterns they’d like to appear on their clothes. Often, designers draw directly from this feedback when creating new clothing items.

According to experts, this gives Target the ability to stay ahead of consumer preferences more effectively. The feedback that they receive allows them to cater to the special needs of certain groups of customers, based on where they live. Also, it helps in localization efforts, too. Target has been opening small format stores across the nation that offers inventory and atmosphere that have been specifically curated to its location.

Target largely picks new members from those surveys that appear in the store's receipts. So if you are hoping to get picked, all you’ll need to do is fill out one of the surveys on the bottom of the receipt, rather than keep the receipt at the bottom of your purse or worse, throw it away.

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