10 Stroller Accessories Every Parent Needs

Children come with so much gear, including strollers. On and in the stroller, a parent tries to pack in toys, snacks, extra clothes and diapers. A parent must be making sure the sun isn’t shining right into the stroller or that wind and rain can’t get in either. A parent must be able to push the stroller, while also keeping up with a purse, bags and other children even. It is a lot, to say the least!

In order to keep things situated and easy, there are accessories that can be added in and onto strollers. Some will help keep a baby occupied, some will store away needed items, and some will help everyone feel more comfortable while out and about together.

10 Universal Stroller Organizer


First and foremost, an organizer can be used like this one. It simply attaches to any handle on any stroller with Velcro. It has two insulated cup holders, as well as different compartments for storing keys, toys and other items.

Furthermore, there is a detachable wristlet pocket where a phone can be stored then taken off and carried elsewhere, as well as organizer straps that make a handbag handle, in order to use this organizer without a stroller. Yes, all the little things that a person needs when running out the door can be accessed quickly with this universal organizer.

9 2 Pack X-Large Hook Clip


On a similar note, there are these extra-large clips that can be put onto a stroller, in order to hold backpacks, umbrellas, purses, diaper bags and more. They are made out of aircraft aluminum that is heavy-duty yet lightweight.

They utilize foam, to help protect what is being carried, as well as to keep stroller frames from being scratched. The wide opening on these hooks allows for them to fit onto any and all handles, so that people can push a baby and carry grocery bags, pull along luggage, walk a dog and more.

8 Stroller Rain Cover + Mosquito Net


To keep a child safe from the outdoor elements, there are covers and nets like this two-piece set. This shield guards from every angle against rain, wind, snow and dust, as well as mosquitoes and other bugs.

There is also a big see-through window that gives a good view of inside the stroller, and there is a waterproof zipper and Velcro straps that double up on the protection that is given with this item. Keep this in mind when shopping for baby showers, since anyone would find this to be useful!

7 Secure-A-Toy Straps


Most children like to hold a toy, snack or stuffed animal while riding in the stroller; keep these items from falling on the ground with the Secure-A-Toy Straps. Two are included in this pack, and they can keep objects right in front of a baby and can keep objects clean and sanitary.

These safely and simply attach to strollers, as well as high chairs, car seats and shopping carts. They can also be adjusted to different lengths, and they are available in multiple colors, safe for the washing machine and made in the U.S.

6 Handlebar Console with Tire Pump


There is nothing worse than a flat stroller tire… Avoid that with this console that comes with its own pump! Yes, there is a flexible pump that offers a secure valve fit and that has its own storage pocket.

That is not all, though. There are also two insulated cup holders, a large storage pocket and three front pockets to hold even more. This console attaches to a handlebar with hook and loop Velcro straps, and the entire thing is resistant to water and stains.

5 tagalong Handle Stroller Accessory


As mentioned, parents have a lot to hold and keep up with while out and about, and the tagalong makes keeping up with an older child easier. It attaches to a stroller (or shopping cart) in seconds, providing a perfect little spot for a tiny hand. Kids will feel independent, as they walk alongside the stroller, holding this fun item (that comes in a couple of different colors).

Some additional great points is that this product is free of BPA, PVC and phthalate, and it is made in the U.S.

4 Stroller Fan


Another way to keep a baby comfy while in the stroller is with a fan (though everyone in the family will want to use it on a hot summer day!). This clip-on one is battery-operated and rechargeable, and it can work up to two-to-six hours, depending on which speed is selected and used.

It can also be powered by USB, making it good for any on-the-go activities. It features a powerful airflow, it is quiet, it can turn 360 degrees, and it comes with a mesh bag that can hold batteries and cables.

3 Stroller Cup Holder


Besides full-on organizers, there are also cup holders that can be attached to strollers. This two-pack version comes with holders that are easy to install and remove. They can be rotated 360 degrees and adjusted to fit different sizes of bottles and cups.

Though these are lightweight, they are also very stable, in order to help prevent drinks from spilling or falling. Keep these in mind, since everyone needs a secure place on a stroller to keep a bottle of water, a cup of coffee or a baby’s formula!

2 Universal Stroller Organizer Bag


Another organizer option is up next. This one has one small mesh pocket, one large mesh pocket, one side pocket, a main storage area, a little area that looks like a jeans pocket and two insulated cup holders. The entire thing can be strapped onto a handlebar with Velcro then adjusted as necessary.

This bag also has a foam interlayer, making it durable, protective and able to keep warm snacks warm or cold drinks cool. This would make such a stylish, thoughtful and handy gift!

1 4 PCS Baby Toys


Of course, good ol’ toys are awesome to add to strollers, as well! This set comes with four different ones that can hang from the handle of a stroller, in a crib, on a car seat and so on. They crinkle and make noises and act as teethers, in order to keep a child’s attention and enhance sensory stimulation and hearing development.

Their bright designs also feature four adorable animals: an elephant, a monkey, a puppy and an owl. These toys are easy to hang up, and they are made out of non-toxic materials.

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