Stretch Mark Removal Surgery: What New Moms Need To Know

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For women, these days there seem to be endless opportunities to 'fix' almost everything that bothers them about their bodies. From surgical to non-surgical procedures women now have the option to augment anything on their body that bothers them. Whether you're in favor of plastic surgery, Botox or any other sort of "mommy makeover" procedure or not, it's amazing the number of options women have available to them.

Stretch marks are something that almost every woman has. Whether they developed during puberty, pregnancy or anytime in-between stretch marks seem to be a fact of life for all women. Even supermodel Chrissy Teigen showed hers off on Instagram. There have been many different surgeries and procedures advertised to remove stretchmarks but experts are saying that the best you can do is probably minimize their appearance, but you'll never get rid of them completely.

Manish Shah, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Denver, Colorado who explained to Parents Magazine that stretch marks are basically permanent scars that develop under the skin. Because of this, Dr. Shah says that you really can't remove stretch marks surgically, but there are things you can do to help minimize their appearance.

"The purpose of stretch mark treatments are to get the color to fade into the background and to grow collagen in the dermal injury to fill it back up to reduce the appearance of the stretch mark," Dr. Shah explained to Parents. He explained that there are a variety of different techniques that can be used to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but many often depend on your skin type. Microneedling, laser therapy and in some cases surgery is the most common ways to remove or reduce stretch marks.

The good news is that the procedures are safe as long as you are seeking a board-certified health practitioner to perform them."In the hands of properly trained practitioners, these treatments have all been shown to be safe," says Dr. Shah. "Stretch marks are weaker than normal skin and need to be managed more gently to avoid complications."

Of course, there is good news and bad news for those who are looking into one of these treatment options. While the recovery time is fairly limited, these procedures don't come cheap. "Treatment prices will vary from $300-500 for micro-needling to several thousand dollars for laser and bio-volumizer injections," Dr. Shah notes. "It is important to note that most patients will need multiple treatments to get the best results, and they should budget accordingly."

Thankfully the downtime is minimal. "Most recovery takes less than 1 week, and full results will be seen in 6 months after treatments are completed," says Dr. Shah.

So while you may want a quick fix to get rid of those pesky stretch marks, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove them completely but women have many options when it comes to drastically reducing their appearance.

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