Affordable Do-It-Yourself 'Stranger Things' Elevated Eleven Costume

elevated eleven

We're such big fans of the Netflix original show Stranger Things. It's just such an interesting show! And the ensemble acting is some of the best we've seen, especially when it comes to the kids who play the main characters. Since the show came out in 2016, it's been a source of inspiration for so many people around Halloween. The great thing about the characters on the show is that they're all super recognizable, and the costumes are really easy to put together. Aside from the Demogorgon, you could probably throw together a costume for most of the other characters with items that are already in your closet! Take this easy DIY costume for Elevated Eleven. All you'll need is a few key wardrobe pieces and some makeup to recreate her iconic look from the end of season two.

To bring Elevated Eleven to life this Halloween, take a peek in your closet. We promise you probably have everything you need!

For the costume, you'll need:

-a black oversized blazer or jacket (big enough to roll the sleeves up)

-a plain black t-shirt

-a pair of jeans

-white gym socks

-white sneakers

To create Eleven's look, you'll need:

-red makeup for her bloody nose

-black eyeshadow or eyeliner for her smudgy eyes

-bobby pins and a hair net, if you've got longer hair

Now it's time to become Eleven! She's our friend and she's CRAZY!

In that intense final scene, Eleven has her hair slicked back. If you've got link hair, slick back from your hairline and secure at the base of your neck with an elastic. Pull a hair net under your ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. The fluff your ponytail out a bit, so it looks like a short bob.

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Dab some black eye shadow or cream makeup along your upper and lower lash line, then use your finger to smudge it around your eyes. Using a small brush, paint trails of blood from each nostril.

Roll the sleeves up on your blazer, and pop the collar. Eleven's jeans are rolled up above her shoes, and she's rocking the bunched up gym socks. For the finishing touch, get your game face on.

diy elevated eleven costume
Image: Jayme Kennedy

If you're going to be Elevated Eleven, you've got to look like you're about to close the gate to the Upside Down and save your town! And remember, friends don't lie.

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